What You Do Saves Lives.
Isn't It Time To Start Being Proud Of That?

If You Are A Holistic Health Practitioner, Healer Or Coach Struggling To Create Your Dream Business...

Then This Page Was Written Just For You.

Tell Me, Does This Sound Like You?

Are you a dedicated Holistic Health Practitioner or Coach who feels:

  • Frustrated by the seemingly impossible task of finding and keeping a steady flow of clients coming through your doors?
  • Exhausted by the mountain of marketing work that you have to do in order to maintain a successful holistic health business?
  • Confused and distracted by the literally hundreds of Shiny Object sales and marketing tips, tricks, tactics, and strategies?
  • Upset by the thought of becoming a sleazy "Salesperson" in order to keep your Holistic Health Practice or Coaching Business open and thriving?
  • Tired from trying new marketing methods only to slam into dead-end after dead-end with little to no results?
  • Felling isolated because you've chosen the "entrepreneurial path" of starting up your own business?
  • Like you are spinning your wheels, frantically chasing clients only to be greeted by "NO!" at almost every turn?
  • Like you are struggling to find what your TRUE talents really are?
  • That you are losing faith in being able to build a business that truly makes you happy and transforms lives?

If so...

Then You've Come to the Right Place

First, let me reach through the screen right now and put my arms around you.


I know EXACTLY how you feel.

If you've just graduated, are still currently a student, or have been at this Holistic Health thing for a while... then I want you to know:


I know you can because...

You Are A Super Hero.

So, Put On The Cape And Start Saving The World One Client At A Time.

Here's something truly insane to consider.

The Health and Wellness industry is a TRILLION DOLLAR A YEAR industry.

That's 12 zeros my friend.

That right there is your proof that what you provide is MUCH needed in this world. People are hungry to become healthier.

They need you.

And yet...

The vast majority of Holistic Health Practitioners, healers and coaches work full-time jobs... doing something OTHER than practicing the gift and talents that they have been given (and worked hard to perfect)...

You should be the owner of a financially thriving and purpose-driven business... NOT an over-extended, burnt-out Holistic Health Practitioner or Coach who is feeling lost and isolated...

I see that as a serious global problem.

Millions Of People Need What You Have To Offer.
And I'm Going To Help You Give It To Them.

My entire life mission right now is to end the lie that holistic health practitioners and coaches can't and shouldn't serve on a global scale and receive massive amounts of wealth from transforming and saving lives.

I mean think about it...

What you do shouldn't be bottled up and hidden; it should be harnessed and shared with the world!

What you have is a gift. It's a gift that the world needs because it can radically change people's lives when they accept it.

And you should get paid for the value that you bring to the lives of others.

Plain and simple.

It's time to end undercharging and under earning, burning out and giving up.

It's time to teach people like YOU how to take what you have and get it out there so you can start making the difference the world truly needs...

Are you ready to...

  • Stop hiding.
  • Start Selling.
  • Stop being ashamed of wanting massive success, wealth and freedom.
  • And start changing the world one client at a time?

Good. So am I.

I Want You To Meet My Friend And Client Brenda. She's Doing It Exactly Right.

Brenda is a passionate, hard working RHN from Cochrane, Alberta with a THRIVING private practice that she can be proud of. I love her to pieces and am so proud of her success.


When she first came to me for help, she had seriously bought into the myth that Holistic Health Practitioners could either be poor and happy OR prosperous and miserable... Yikes!

Brenda believed that because she lives in a small town with unreliable internet access, she would have trouble growing her nutrition private practice beyond just her local area. She was exhibiting what many newly minted Practitioners face:

Thinking Inside The Box.

It was killing her practice and making her miserable because she spent so much time chasing down clients, practically begging for work that it was sucking the joy out of the little work she was able to get.

After just a few short months of working with Brenda I am so proud to say that she now has a thriving offline private nutrition practice and is slowly growing her global reach through adding multiple Online Revenue Streams to her business too!

She's living the dream!

And her clients are better for it because happy practitioners make BETTER practitioners. Brenda is a shining example of that truth.

"That's great Lori, but how did she do it?"

This is the exciting part.

You see, Brenda isn't magical (though she is lovely).

She didn't achieve her success through luck.

She got it through following a very simple, yet effective, set of steps that I designed for her.

Those steps were designed by reverse-engineering my own success and laying them out in a blueprint for Brenda to follow.

All she had to do was look at her "roadmap", execute on the action required and BAM!... dream achievement.

When Brenda first came to me for help, all she wanted was to reach a steady $2,000 per month in revenue. A very achievable goal.

So I gave her the blueprint, and as she pursued that $2,000 per month... and without even realizing it all this other cool stuff happened too:

Brenda has...

  • Grown her potential customer list from zero to over 500 almost overnight using simple software and a little knowhow to generate an automated lead generation system that works even when she is asleep!
  • Created an automated follow-up program with prospective clients and customers of her programs which closes sales for her 24/7 and 365 days of the week without needing ANY of her time or attention...
  • Created different program offerings and physical products all at different price points to add additional streams of revenue to her already flourishing business... AND increased her reach to a GLOBAL level; meaning that she now has customers and clients from all across the world even though she still resides in the sleepy little town of Cochrane, Alberta...
  • Has radically changed the way she operates by not relying solely on the 1:1 client/practitioner model but ALSO adding the highly profitable 1:many model so she can scale her business and free up her time to pursue her life outside of work...
  • Added additional online and offline revenue streams by tapping into the highly profitable model of affiliate marketing that can bring in hundreds of dollars in additional passive revenue to her business every month without having to create or provide any additional products or services...
  • Transformed her mindset and now values the art of marketing and sales which has allowed her to break-through her own money blocks and limiting beliefs...
  • And much, much more...

And that $2,000 per month goal she had at the beginning of us working together...

Yeah, she is completely crushing that right now.

(Isn't she amazing?)

So, How Did I Know What Brenda Needed To Become Successful?

Because I've Already Made All The Mistakes In The Book... And I've Built My Own Multi-6 Figure Per Year Business Because Of Them.

When I say, "You can do it!"

I'm not just blowing smoke.

I'm speaking from experience.

I know you should be generating 5 to 6 figures per year a year because I am generating mutli-6 figures per year.

this is my company gross revenue from Q1 2015

And if I can do it... mercy me, you can TOTALLY do it!

All it takes is a little knowledge, knowing what and how to leverage that knowledge, and a battle plan to make it all happen...

The key is learning how to generate a consistent flow of clients.

And I can show you how to do it, because I do it every day.

Why You Can Trust This Canadian Holistic Registered Nutritionist And Business Coach To Show You The Way To A Better Healing Business And Happier Life

<<< That's me.

My name is Lori Kennedy RHN and in 2006 I struck out on my own as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

I was everything you might expect a new graduate to be:

  • Passionate about my craft...
  • Excited to change the world...
  • Ready to work my butt off to achieve success...


Totally clueless about how to actually build a business... Yikes!

The worst part was... I made a HUGE mistake just weeks after graduating from college...

I Borrowed $5,000 From My Dad. And Lost All Of It. Talk About Humiliating. Sorry Dad!

You see, I did what most new business owners do...

  • I rented a space without having enough clients to actually pay for it...
  • I bought into the marketing idea that "everybody needs business cards" and I printed and gave out hundreds of cards to people who didn't care... I never got a call from any of them...
  • I put almost all of my time and energy into the "easy" parts of my business (like re-arranging my intake forms so they looked straight on the counter...) while ignoring the MOST important parts of making money... SALES AND MARKETING...
  • And much, much more...

Needless to say, it didn't take long before I was embarrassingly asking the owner of the wellness clinic rental space if we could terminate the rental agreement... and I boxed up my neatly stacked intake forms, and shoveled the extra business cards into the back of my car and left that business thinking I was going to have to spend the rest of my life working for other people...

Then I Had A $20,000 Moment Of Clarity

(You can have one too if you read this next part very carefully...)

After I failed miserably at several of my first business attempts, I had to take a job working for a "women's only" gym.

The hours were TERRIBLE.

During the first year of my marriage I basically didn't see my husband.

6 months after my daughter was born I left her with a babysitter so I could go trade time with my daughter for "hours" at the gym hustling clients... clients that I had to pay the gym to keep...

By 2011 I was a miserable wreck. My marriage was falling apart, my daughter was growing up without me, and even though I had created a financially thriving group weight loss program called WOW! Weight Loss, I was still miserable.

Everything a girl could want, right?

Well, one night I was in bed cuddling my newborn son, frantically searching the Internet for some morsel of hope amidst all the darkness, and then I realized something...

I needed help.

I simply could NOT do this by myself.

So I found an online mastermind group and filled out this application:

Asking For Help Is What Made The Difference

If you take nothing else away from reading this page, know this:

You can do this, but...

You can't do it alone.

No successful person EVER in the history of the world has achieved any meaningful success without the help of others.

Whether they are a mentor, a coach, or just a loving friend…

You need someone who has been there before to help you get where you want to be.

It's how I went from a struggling, overworked, unhappy mother to a confident, fun loving owner of a Multi-6 figure per year business and happy mother of two children in a loving marriage.

I didn't do it alone.

I had help.

And This Is Why I Am On A Mission To Help YOU Change The World One Client At A Time.

Welcome To The Wellness Business Academy

The Worlds First "Health Practitioner’s Business School" Designed And Taught By A Multi-6 Figure Per Year Registered Holistic Nutritionist

At The Wellness Business Academy You'll discover:

  • How to get unlimited leads (hungry for your holistic services) without having to spend a dime on complicated advertising... and... I'll show you how to turn those leads into even MORE leads by creating a robust referral program (if you hate marketing and selling then you are going to LOVE this)...
  • Why you need to start thinking beyond just your local market when making plans for your business... there is an entire world out there that needs your knowledge, expertise, and insight... let me show you how to reach them...

"Got 2 new sign-ups for my 6 week bootcamp (in the second week)" - Ryan

  • How to add non-traditional revenue streams to your business NO MATTER what kind of holistic services you provide... imagine being able to produce income for your business by helping people from all around the world...
  • How fear is ruining your business and worse... why it could be keeping you from helping others to reach their own success in healing... if you care about your clients and patients than you need to rediscover why fear simply can't be a part of your business plan...
  • Why being Authentic to your true self is the BEST marketing plan for your business... I promise... if you try to conform to what you think the market wants instead of BEING YOURSELF you are only going to be met with heartache and disappointment... not to mention you won't actually make any progress with your business... let me show you how to grow your business by being yourself...
  • How to set up your very own content producing blog... and how to use it to attract clients from all over the world... (This even works if you HATE writing)
  • What to do if you want to take your business online even if you DON'T consider yourself a "Techie"... I've simplified the entire Online Marketing process and made it easy enough for even the busiest holistic practitioner can make this work for them...

"Was very excited to find out my true core, core values... I knew them on a general level but the Pillar 1 exercise really helped solidify what they were and give myself a clearer message to use moving forward" - Shannon

  • Why Facebook is your friend, and your best salesperson... as long as you know my simple Facebook Marketing strategies you can start seeing real results in just 10 - 15 minutes per day...
  • How to turn your brilliant mind into additional revenue streams by packaging what you've learned into programs that help others... if you love sharing what you've learned about Holistic Healing with your clients then you are going to LOVE being able to turn that knowledge into additional revenue AND additional means to help others...
  • Why a truly successful business simply cannot survive by offering just one service... I'll teach you how to dig deeper and find more products and services to offer so that you and your business can flourish even during the "dry spell" times...
  • How to use services like Aweber, Leadpages, and even WordPress to generate leads, and make sales for you... even while you sleep! If you like the idea of being able to produce a steady flow of revenue into your business so that you can focus on the important stuff (like helping people heal) then knowing how to set up automated lead generation and sales systems is going to be KEY for you success... let me show you how simple it really is.
  • The difference between a Lead Magnet, a Tripwire Offer, a Core Offer, and even what a Profit Maximizer is... even if you already have these all important components in your business I can show you how to make them even BETTER by showing you how to use these tools to train future clients to buy from you on a regular basis...

"FINALLY! Got LP & AW integrated & my 1st lead magnet set up! It feels great to have created something! Also outlined my signature program. Also, my lazy a$$ ran 4 miles, 2 times this week (1st time I've run at ALL in years). Feels great!" - Kelley

  • Why you should never, ever, never, ever price your services as the "cheap" one in town... as a matter of fact, I'll show you exactly how to price your services and products (which we'll create together) so that people buy from you BECAUSE you aren't the cheapest offering... sound impossible? It isn't, and I'll show you why...
  • How to steadily drip feed leads into your business... and how to train these leads (even before they buy something from you) to trust you as an authority in the market... if you hate "hard selling" then you are going to love having a "Trained List" as an asset in your business...
  • That it's 100% possible to make windfall sales simply by sending out an email... the key to making this work is positioning yourself as an authority... (and it's a lot easier than you might think...)
  • How to get more clients out of what you are CURRENTLY doing by making a few simple changes... Sometimes, all you need is someone who has been there before to take a look at what you might be missing and make some slight course corrections... Let me show you what I know...
  • Why 1 on 1 client sessions might be running your business into the ground (if it isn't already running you into pure exhaustion mode)... and how to set up 1 on Multiple client sessions that have been proven to be MORE effective for your clients... and more profitable for your business... If your goal is to help more people, then you simply can't ignore this model of doing business...
  • How to find more TIME by DOING LESS... if you struggle with being Overwhelmed (with a capital O) then you'll find the time saving strategies in the WBA to be life and business changing... you may never look at Time the same again...

"Got 6 people signed up for another 6 week clean eating program" - Michelle

  • How to overcome that disjointed feeling that comes from trying to balance the Healing aspects of your practice and the Business/Marketing side of things... Let me show you how to merge those two halves of your life so that they work off each other and ADD energy into your life instead of leaving you feeling drained and stretched too thin...
  • How to ignore "Shiny Objects" so that you can focus in on your goals with laser-point precision... a pre-requisite for achieving long lasting, and meaningful success in ANYTHING you pursue...
  • How to generate genuine referrals without having to beg and hassle your current client base to get them... plus, I'll show you how to automate the referral process so that you can begin to generate that consistent flow of leads and business that you need...
  • How to find and hire others to help you build and scale your Holistic Business for as little as $3.00/hour... if you want to focus on the parts of your business that matter most to you while still growing faster than you ever have before... then you need help... Let me show you how easy it is to find someone willing to do just that...

"Had 2 new clients this week, 3 more next week and 2 clients resigned for 6 months for my group fitness classes. Also, added additional classes to my bootcamp with a very little increase to my monthly cost." - Albert

  • The ins and outs of creating a realistic marketing budget for building your business from the ground up without going broke... (Don't make the same mistake I did by borrowing from family!)
  • How to use all the tools that Google offers (FOR FREE) to grow your business... and let me show you how I use those exact tools in my own business on a daily basis...

"Had a referral from a Doctor. He literally told her to go and see me. And not for weight loss, but someone with large issues. Also have started a 3 part workshop on lifestyle, chronic disease and nutrition. Did not overdo on preparation and the first session worked out great. Thanks for telling us "you know enough" - Kitty

  • How to write compelling emails that excite your list of potential clients into buying your products and services... and the best part is... these "conversational" emails are PERFECT for people who hate selling... if you can talk to your loved ones, you can write emails that will grow your business…
  • How to get people you've never even spoken to or met to sign up for your email list... and ask you to sell stuff to them...
  • The difference between "Hard Selling" and "Info Sessions"... and why "Hard Selling" is OUT and "Info Sessions" are in... if you get sweaty palms thinking about making a sales presentation, then let me show you how to close MORE clients by doing the opposite of what most "selling coaches" will teach...

"Got a new for my combo detox/nutrition 1-1 coaching program; started up in my seasonal contract at a private country club that i have been working at for 13 years now; looks like i will average 25-30 clients a week.. : )" - Roseann

  • The perfect blogging schedule for you and your business... you might be surprised at just how few posts it takes to start seeing results...
  • How to craft blog posts that sell you and your services without having to be a highly paid copywriter or blogging "guru"... if you are passionate about what you do and love to teach others than you can craft blog posts that will build your business and bring in leads... let me show you easy it can be...
  • Exactly when and what to post to your social media accounts for maximum exposure and results... plus, I'll show you how to automate nearly 100% of your social media marketing tasks so that you can focus on increasing your ROI in the most important parts of your business... like healing...

"Was asked to collaborate on a program with 2 fairly prominent parenting coaches; made it to my 2 scheduled morning workouts; got a 2015 calendar and started charting it out; made my first 2 Odesk hires, was interviewed as an expert for a parenting course; didn't quit :)" - Jess

  • Why there has never been a better time in history to be marketing your Holistic Services... and why 2015 might just be your breakout year if you are willing to adopt the online world of marketing and selling... (but don't worry... marketing and selling online is more like having a passionate conversation with likeminded friends than it is like trying to sell a used car...)
  • Why you can no longer rely on the old tactics of cold calling, begging for referrals from friends and family, and simply waiting around to grow your business... competition is fierce, but I can show you how to quickly rise to the top of your field without having to sell your soul to do it...
  • Marketing Math... but don't worry, even if you can't stand looking at a calculator this Marketing Math is fun and can show you just how much potential your business truly has... we'll discuss ROI, CTRs, Conversion Rates and more...

"3 more clients; reached financial goal" - Maria

  • How to craft compelling landing pages and sales pages that will collect leads and generate sales for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week completely automated... and the best part is that you don't have to be a copywriting master to make this work either... all you have to do follow the very simple and proven formula that I use on all of my sales and landing pages to generate the leads and sales for my mult-6 figure a year business...
  • And much, much more...

The Wellness Business Academy Will Take You As You Are And Turn You Into The Highly Successful Business Owner That You Desire To Be By Giving You Access To My Famous 12 Pillar System For Success.

At WBA we measure success in 3 different ways:

  1. Your Happiness
  2. Your Influence
  3. Your Financial Goals

By focusing your goals on this three pronged approach you as a Holistic Health Professional or Coach can (and should) achieve TRUE success:

Running a financially successful purpose-driven based business that touches people's lives around the world.

And in order to achieve all three levels of success, I've devised a 12 Pillar System which has been PROVEN to give our students success no matter their chosen specialty, where they live, or where they are starting on this journey!

Here's Exactly How The Wellness Business Academy Helps You Achieve Your Goals

The next cohort for the Wellness Business Academy starts Monday, March 30th.

When you show up to our virtual, online "class" this is exactly what you are going to receive:

Instant Access To The Proven Step-By-Step
12 Pillars Of Business Development System

This is the program that was reverse-engineered from my own Multi-6 Figure per year success and packaged just for YOU in an easy to consume, step-by-step program.

If you've ever wanted a "blueprint for success" THIS IS IT!

Here's how the pillars are broken down:

Pillar 1
Defining Your Desired Outcome & Purpose (The Big Reason Why)

In this pillar you'll:

  • Create your desired outcome & vision of your future
  • Create your purpose & big reason WHY (this is your marketing message)
  • Create your must-do daily action tasks (your zone of genius or 5%)
  • Learn how to plan your day for maximum productivity
  • Discover how to use Google calendar for your business & marketing calendar
  • Learn how to organize and streamline your inbox
  • ACTION TASK: Create, implement & market your lead magnet to pull dream clients into your tribe

Pillar 2
Craft Your Story & Ideal Client Avatar

Together, we'll:

  • Define your ideal client avatar as specific as possible (you can also have more than one)
  • Create the ideal client avatar interview so you can dive deep into the problems, needs and wants of your niche market(s)
  • Craft your About Me page so that it builds instant rapport instead of reading like a boring resume
  • Define your USP (this is the thing that makes you AWESOME)
  • ACTION TASK: Set up social media platforms the right way

Pillar 3
Part 1: Program Creation & Pricing

I want to show you how to:

  • Brainstorm, prepare and organize program ideas using magazines and post-it notes
  • Design a curriculum based program that can be facilitated both online and offline (I’ll teach you how to do the work only once… it’s genius)
  • Format your program without having to become a technology nerd
  • Create your own program format chart so that you can map out each component of your program
  • Include the nitty-gritty details that are learned through the experience of creating dozens of online and offline programs so that you skip over the costly and time consuming mistakes (like how zip files can’t be downloaded and opened on tablets or how your file formats need to be mac/pc compatible)
  • ACTION TASK: Create your signature short-term program

Pillar 4
Part 2: Program Creation & Pricing

I'll teach you:

  • The Ascension Wellness Pricing Business Model that guarantees you maximize the lifetime value of your clients
  • How to organize your content so you can quickly implement it online or outsource the implementation to a virtual assistant
  • 4 different program delivery models that work for online, offline or a mixture of both businesses
  • Technology implementation part 1 & part 2 where I walk you through the exact steps to getting your programs live online without having a nervous breakdown
  • ACTION TASK: Get your program live online and ready to launch

Pillar 5
Your Business & Marketing Plan

In Pillar 5 we're going to:

  • Create a storyboard description of your program, product or service so that your dream clients feel compelled to invest in you without objection
  • Define your marketing themes and program offers specific to your monthly promotional calendar so you know what content needs to be created each week
  • Outline your marketing goals (these are different then sales goals)
  • Learn how to plan your monthly marketing calendar so the content you create supports your monthly marketing offers (instead of just randomly creating blogs and social media posts)
  • Track, measure, evaluate and improve your marketing efforts
  • ACTION TASK: Plan monthly marketing offers and implement a marketing content calendar

Pillar 6
Lead Generation & Sales Conversion Strategy For Online & Offline Programs

This is the REALLY exciting part, because you are going to:

  • Plan and build your very first fully automated lead generation system with the goal to get new clients into your practice or investing in your online programs... this little bit of upfront work will ensure that you NEVER run out of clients...
  • Build an offline strategy to collect emails from your free seminars, lunch n’ learns and convert those emails into one-to-one or group program clients (what do you do with those emails anyways?)
  • Create a fun and mutually beneficial referral system by empowering your clients with promotional tools that sell your business for them
  • Craft both an Online strategy for keeping your pipeline full, clients in your office, and revenue in your business... once you learn and understand these very simply strategies you can begin to focus on the work that you truly love... healing others...
  • Learn how to incorporate Lead Magnets, Tripwire Offers and more to make your lead generation CASH POSITIVE... in other words... I'm going to show you to get paid to bring leads into your business...
  • ACTION TASK: Create your lead generation and sales funnel for offline clients and your online program

Pillar 7
Sales, Renewals & Additional Passive Revenue Streams

If you find yourself ALWAYS looking for new clients in your business, then you are going to love this Pillar because you are going to discover:

  • Why the best prospective client is a current client... and why constantly trying to find new clients is actually ruining your business... (hello lifetime value of your clients)
  • How to earn more from each client by discovering how to add more value to each of your clients' lives... do this and you can cut your marketing efforts in HALF and still increase your business' revenue by a healthy margin...
  • Craft an automatic renewal system for both online and offline clients so that you aren’t constantly asking them to pay you more money (using your shopping cart and an exciting bonus offer)
  • Discover the awesomeness that is affiliate sales and passive revenue (this is how you make money on demand without doing any work)
  • ACTION TASK: Create a renewal system and one additional passive revenue stream

Pillar 8
Referrals, Affiliates, & Networking

In this life changing month you'll:

  • Discover how simple and easy it can be to set up an automated networking system for your business... if wandering around a party holding out a business card makes you sweat, then you are going to LOVE this Pillar as you discover a MUCH better way to network...
  • Identify WHO you should be meeting to create third party opportunities for adding revenue into your business... if you want to get paid to just for making suggestions to your client on products you believe in... I will show you how...
  • Learn how to attract and work with affiliates (HINT: be a real person and make friends with your sales force)
  • Create a self-perpetuating referral system that will allow you to generate consistent referrals without having to grovel and beg your clients to hassle their friends...
  • ACTION TASK: Put together an affiliate information package and affiliate program

Pillar 9
Building Your Online Brand & Presence

This is the part of the course where we kick your business into overdrive by tapping into the power of the Internet. In Pillar 9 you are going to:

  • Create and set-up your own automated lead generation system using Facebook and webinars that will work for you every single day of the year... holidays, weekends, and late at night... and it will never ask for a raise 🙂
  • Map out your evergreen webinar that sells your program on autopilot
  • Learn how to utilize ONLY the important tools of the Internet without getting sidetracked by every Shiny Object out there built to distract you from building your business...
  • Develop your very own PAID TRAFFIC lead generation plan that works for you... and I'll show you how to create INCREDIBLE content that attracts thousands of visitors to your website... even if you HATE writing...
  • Review and improve your marketing promotional calendar to include SEO and paid traffic sources
  • ACTION TASK: Create a paid traffic budget and lead generation plan using webinars & Facebook ads

Pillar 10
Delegation & Business Automation

This is where the Academy gets VERY interesting because you'll learn:

  • How to hire a personal assistant to do everything you hate about marketing for as little as $3.00 per hour...
  • What to look for (and how to do it) in hiring your first team members... and what MAJOR pitfalls to avoid to protect both you and your business...
  • Why you NEED to hire people to grow your business... and you'll experience firsthand just how empowering that experience will be, knowing that there are other people who are working hard to help you achieve your dream...
  • How to create training systems and checklist using video/audio and screen capture to make sure that your contractors and assistants follow instructions without you having to micromanage
  • ACTION TASK: Creating training systems and protocols so that you can outsource 95% of the work

Pillar 11
Scaling & Leveraging Your Business

Pillar 11 is all about taking your business to that 'Dream' level. High incomes, comfortable stress levels, and massive reach and influence in your market. Here's what you are going to discover in Pillar 11:

  • Why 'working less' is the key to taking your business from $2,000/month to $20,000/month... and why ignoring this strategy will limit your business forever...
  • How to acquire media and sponsorship partners to help scale your business without spending a dime on marketing
  • My secret for scaling any Holistic Health business from low 4 figures per month to Multi-6 figures per year...
  • And most importantly... how to use your business leverage to serve THOUSANDS of clients all across the world... without losing that personal touch and running yourself into the ground...
  • ACTION TASK: Create a media and press kit along with a sponsorship pitch

Pillar 12
Transform Into A Masterful CEO & Coach

This is where the vision of your business meets the future of your actions.

In this life changing Pillar you will:

  • Discover the #1 way for creating real change and influence in the world... and why you need to continue to think outside of the box if you truly want to reach your full potential (by the way... your full potential is a LOT more than you think it is right now)...
  • Get firsthand advice and tips from me on how to live like a CEO... both in terms of enjoying this newfound success, and wrestling with the unique challenges that it brings...
  • Explore the final steps of complete transformation that will take you from 'technician' to true 'holistic entrepreneur'... if you have big visions of what you can give to the world... this is how you can achieve those goals...
  • Learn how to manage your money and the best ways to re-invest back into your business (the money stuff no one talks about)
  • ACTION TASK: Review, evaluate and re-assess and plan your financial and life goals for the upcoming year

But The 12 Pillars Of Business Development System Is Just The Beginning... Because When You Become A Student Of The Wellness Business Academy You Also Get...

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Calls With Me,
Lori Kennedy

Each month you and I will meet together as a group where you can:

  • Ask ANY question that might be nagging at you and get an IMMEDIATE and 100% honest answer... this is priceless if you like working things out with others to achieve results...
  • Work out any bottle necks LIVE with the help and assistance of your fellow students... you also get to participate as we help YOUR fellow students... this is like a FREE master class on offering immense value for others...
  • Get ALL of your marketing materials reviewed by the WBA staff... this review process is worth THOUSANDS in free services... and could mean the difference between success and failure...
  • Access these calls AFTER they are held via recordings that will be available for 24 hours after initial airings... if you can't make a live session or just want to review the amazing information that was shared you can do so at your leisure through the live recordings...

Instant Access To Our Supportive & Vibrant WBA Facebook Community

If you are looking to connect with other Holistic Health Practitioners, Healers or Coaches, exchange ideas, make friends, and generally ROCK IT with others... then you are going to LOVE this safe and supportive community we have developed.

Once inside you'll be able to:

  • Connect with other likeminded Holistic business professionals looking to help you in your goals... some of our members have developed lifelong friendships just because of the time they've spent in our community...
  • Learn from one another and experience each others' ups and downs... offering and receiving advice and support...
  • Share and receive inside information, case study information, and all the latest in "what's working" in the Holistic Practitioner & Health field...
  • Request and receive feedback on your marketing materials, business ideas and more...
  • Overcome the loneliness that effects EVERY entrepreneur on the journey to success... this alone is worth signing up for the WBA and can be incredibly invaluable to you as a whole person...
  • And enjoy the shenanigans that sometimes pop up in the Community

We need to stand together as a community, a united front, a team of holistic health professionals and have each other’s backs to transform the health of our planet. This community will continue to grow and thrive and serve as a powerful force for change in the world.

Exclusive Access To The WBA Elective Training Classes

These short training tutorials will take you in-depth into the Essential 4:

  • Administration
  • Technology
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Mindset

Upon entry to the Academy you will have open -ended access to the 4 Elective Training Categories and all of the elective training classes. You can work through whichever one is applicable to you based on where you are in your business building journey.

Some examples of what you'll find in the Elective Training Modules are:

VIP Access To My A LA Carte Business Services

Finding someone you can trust to build your business can be difficult.

That's why we’ve teamed up with trusted contractors and businesses that can help grow your business from the ground up.

This list includes:

  • Hosting providers
  • Design services
  • Web services
  • Copywriters
  • Virtual assistants
  • and more...

And the best part is...

Each business provider has given a discount or special rate for Academy students.

That means that just by being a student of the WBA you get that automatic leg up by having at your disposal a long list of trusted and professional services to help you grow your business.

All Of This Incredible Content Can Be Accessed Anytime And Anywhere Around The World

All you need is an honest desire to help others with your Holistic Healing talents and access to the Internet.

We take care of the rest.

Becoming a student of the Wellness Business Academy is like getting an MBA...

Except it was designed with the Holistic Health Practitioner or Coach in mind...

There are no grumpy old professors...

And you can take all of the classes on your own time (and in your pajamas!)...

So, Are You Ready To Turn Your Fledgling Holistic Practice Into A Thriving Organization?

If so, then choose which student membership is right for you and click the ‘Join Now’ button below. Class begins Monday, March 30th 2015.

Option # 1: WBA “Holistic Start-Up” Package

  • Access to the 12 Pillars of Development System (monthly curriculum)
  • Access to all elective classes
  • Access to the WBA Facebook Community
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching with Lori Kennedy
  • + Exclusive and private access to 3 Wellness Business Academy Weekend Masterminds attended live in person or available via live stream held at Pillar 4, 8 and 12 (July, October, March in Toronto)
  • + 10 hours of private coaching calls with Lori Kennedy
  • + Bonuses

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VIP Option: WBA “Mastermind” Package

  • Access to the 12 Pillars of Development System (monthly curriculum)
  • Access to all elective classes
  • Access to the WBA Facebook Community
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching with Lori Kennedy
  • + Exclusive and private access to 3 Wellness Business Academy Weekend Masterminds attended live in person or available via live stream held at Pillar 4, 8 and 12 (July, October, March in Toronto)
  • + 10 hours of private coaching calls with Lori Kennedy
  • + Bonuses

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But Wait... There's More...

I want to reward you for making the right choice and investing in yourself as a business person and holistic healer...

And that is why I will be including these bonus trainings 100% FREE if you decide to become a student today.

Bonus # 1: Done-For- You Start-Up Content Bundle (Valued at $10,400)

Say goodbye to writing your weekly newsletter, blog posts or trying to learn graphic design. You can also put all of the Nutrition, Health, Fitness & Food client handouts together to form your own, fully branded program. The Start-Up Content Bundle is 100% customizable with the ability to self-brand (delivered in word format).

You'll get:

  • 52 Written – For – You Health & Wellness Articles so that you have your weekly newsletter content done for the entire year you are in the Academy (between 250 to 500 words)
  • 52 Quote Images – these beautifully designed graphic images are perfect for building your following across the social media platforms
  • 15 Nutrition, Health, Fitness & Food Clients Handouts – not sure what to give your clients? These are the handouts we use in my business. Brand them as your own and use them with your clients.

Bonus # 2: Done-For-You 72-Hour Sugar Free Challenge Lead Magnet (Valued at $197)

Although we teach you to create your own lead magnet specific to your business and programs in Pillar 2, email listing building is a top priority. With the 72-Hour Sugar Free Challenge done-for-you lead magnet you can start attracting dream clients immediately.

You’ll get:

  • The 72-Hour Sugar Free Challenge lead magnet package that includes: Beautifully designed content so you can immediately start getting new leads and be certain that they’ll be immediately impressed with you and your content.

Bonus # 3: 1- Day VIP LIVE Mastermind Day With Lori & Bryan Kennedy For ALL Academy Students (West & East Coast Dates)

Join Lori & Bryan Kennedy for a full day of planning and action taking with your fellow WBA students. There is no substitute for meeting in-person and getting real time coaching and feedback on your business.

The day will focus on nailing down your signature program, your irresistible offer and mapping out your marketing calendar and busting through the fear holding you back from playing full out.

Calgary – Sunday, June 28th from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Toronto – Sunday, September 27th from 9:00am - 5:00pm

Now You Can Become A Student Of
The Wellness Business Academy
Completely Risk Free!

Step 1. Enroll in The Wellness Business Academy today.

Step 2. Commit to doing the focused work we guide you through.

Step 3. Attend all monthly coaching calls, and actively participate in the Academy Community Facebook group for the first 30 days.

If you don't experience a truly transformational mindset shift and start building the business of your dreams in those first 30 days...

Then just send me an email with your completed Pillar 1 worksheets and I will personally refund you every single penny of your tuition.

No questions asked. And you cancel your WBS Student Membership anytime after the first 30 days with without a refund.

It doesn't get any more fair and risk free than that.

Imagine Where You Will In One Year From Now…

Imagine having more people contacting you with calls or emails like this:

...instead of having to beg, borrow, and steal your way to mediocre leads and clients that AREN'T exciting you.

That's why the Wellness Business Academy is so powerful. When you take action right now and claim your spot today, you'll possess the most powerful Holistic Health Practitioner, Healer or Coach business training on the market today.

So, Are You Ready For This Transformation Experience?

If so, then what you need to do next is choose the membership option below that best suits your level of commitment, expertise and ambition and then simply click the JOIN NOW button below it.

Option # 1: WBA “Holistic Start-Up” Package

  • Access to the 12 Pillars of Development System (monthly curriculum)
  • Access to all elective classes
  • Access to the WBA Facebook Community
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching with Lori Kennedy
  • + Exclusive and private access to 3 Wellness Business Academy Weekend Masterminds attended live in person or available via live stream held at Pillar 4, 8 and 12 (July, October, March in Toronto)
  • + 10 hours of private coaching calls with Lori Kennedy
  • + Bonuses

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VIP Option: WBA “Mastermind” Package

  • Access to the 12 Pillars of Development System (monthly curriculum)
  • Access to all elective classes
  • Access to the WBA Facebook Community
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching with Lori Kennedy
  • + Exclusive and private access to 3 Wellness Business Academy Weekend Masterminds attended live in person or available via live stream held at Pillar 4, 8 and 12 (July, October, March in Toronto)
  • + 10 hours of private coaching calls with Lori Kennedy
  • + Bonuses

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Remember, You Are Backed By A 100% Money Back & Cancel Anytime Guarantee.

Isn't It Time You Invested In Your Dream?

Option # 1: WBA “Holistic Start-Up” Package

  • Access to the 12 Pillars of Development System (monthly curriculum)
  • Access to all elective classes
  • Access to the WBA Facebook Community
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching with Lori Kennedy
  • + Exclusive and private access to 3 Wellness Business Academy Weekend Masterminds attended live in person or available via live stream held at Pillar 4, 8 and 12 (July, October, March in Toronto)
  • + 10 hours of private coaching calls with Lori Kennedy
  • + Bonuses

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VIP Option: WBA “Mastermind” Package

  • Access to the 12 Pillars of Development System (monthly curriculum)
  • Access to all elective classes
  • Access to the WBA Facebook Community
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching with Lori Kennedy
  • + Exclusive and private access to 3 Wellness Business Academy Weekend Masterminds attended live in person or available via live stream held at Pillar 4, 8 and 12 (July, October, March in Toronto)
  • + 10 hours of private coaching calls with Lori Kennedy
  • + Bonuses

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Got Questions? Here Are Some Answers…

Q: Who is The Wellness Business Academy For?

A: Students, Certification Holders, Holistic Health Practitioners, Healers & Coaches: Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Naturopathic Doctors, Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Fitness Professionals, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Life Coaches, and/or Transformational Coaches.

Q: When does The Wellness Business Academy start? What happens if I can’t start right away?

A: The spring cohort of The Wellness Business Academy starts Monday, March 30th 2015. Each Pillar is released every 30 days. You can follow the course curriculum provided or you can work through the material at your own pace. You have 12 months to work through the Pillars.

Q: I want to do the VIP Mastermind Package but can’t commit to coming to all 3 Masterminds or traveling to Toronto.

A: No problem. I totally get it (I’ve got two kids). That’s why we are live streaming and recording all 3 WBA Masterminds. You will be able to participate and interact from the comfort of your own home if you can’t make it. Or you could always submit your questions and bottlenecks ahead of time and watch the recording.

Even though you have the ability to participate live online there is NO substitution for being there in the flesh. One of the major benefits of being in a mastermind is building real life connections with your new friends in person. That’s hard to do through the computer. If you have specific questions about the VIP Mastermind Package click here to email Lori directly.

The Mastermind 2-day weekends will be held Friday, July 24th – Saturday July 25th 2015, Friday, October 23rd – Saturday, October 24th 2015, and March TBA in Toronto. Travel and accommodations are not included in the VIP Mastermind Package

Q: What additional costs are associated with the Wellness Business Academy

A: Other then your WBA enrollment investment there are no other direct costs associated with the WBA. However in order to systematize and automate your business we do recommend several online platforms such as Leadpages, Aweber, Vimeo Pro, Amazon S3 and a shopping cart. You should budget around $200/month to invest in the technology platforms.

Q: What if I’m still in school and don’t have a business yet? Will this help me figure out what business to start?

A: In the opinion of the WBA students they WISH they had done the Academy concurrently while still in school. In full transparency, I don’t recommend join the WBA if you are just starting school. However, waiting until you are completely done school without any means or know-how to start-up and grow your business is a waste of time and your educational financial investment. If you are halfway or almost done school then you should absolutely enroll in the Academy.

Even if you aren’t quite sure what you want to do, whom you want to help or how you want your business to look the Academy will give you the framework and the exact steps to take so you can figure it out.

Q: How much time should I commit to the Wellness Business Academy?

A: Each monthly Pillar takes about 1-2 hours to watch. We suggest setting aside at least 5-7 hours per week to work on each Pillar’s Action Task. Other factors that will determine how much time you should commit to are:

  • How experienced you are with building a business, sales, marketing and technology
  • How comfortable you are with technology
  • Whether or not you complete each action task and learn from the Elective Training Classes
  • Whether or not you follow the suggested course curriculum or work through each Pillar at your own pace

Make no mistake about it… there is no “magic pill” or “secret to overnight success”. Building a purpose-driven and financially thriving business is not a cakewalk. Becoming an entrepreneur is hard work, requires self-discipline, can be stressful and is deeply rewarding.

Q: I’m in start-up mode and have taken other business courses that didn’t help me, how is this different? Will it work for me?

A: Let me be clear… no program works without taking massive and relentless action. Investing in a program and not implementing it doesn’t mean the program didn’t work. It means that you didn’t work the program… so if you are a course junkie or are looking for a quick and easy way to make money then please do not enroll in The Wellness Business Academy.

I care deeply about you, your hopes and dreams and the thousands of clients that need your help. I want you feel confident in your decision to enroll in the WBA, which is why we’ve removed all risk to you. As long as you take personal responsibility for not doing the work being taught you can cancel your membership at any time.

I can’t promise that the Academy will work for you. What I can promise is that when you take the time to learn the information we teach in the 12 Pillars to Business Development and complete the monthly action tasks to the best of your ability you will 100% be successful.

Q: Do I get access to all 12 Pillars and the elective training classes at once?

A: No and Yes. We spent a lot of time planning the timing and release of the 12 Pillars of Business Development. A new Pillar is released every 30 days. This gives you plenty of time to watch or listen to each Pillar and to complete the worksheets and action task before the next Pillar is released.

You do get open-ended and unlimited access to all Elective training classes.

Q: Will I have an accountability partner or a mentor?

A: You are welcome to form your own accountability partners with other students in the WBA Facebook Community. We do not assign you accountability partners. Yes, you have a mentor. ME! We pay very close attention to who participates in the monthly coaching calls and in the WBA Facebook Community. I am very involved in the Facebook Community as well.

If you choose to enroll in the VIP Mastermind option then you and I will form a deeper relationship during our private coaching calls and Mastermind weekend retreats.

Q: I don’t want an online health business, will The Wellness Business Academy help me start-up and grow my clinic practice?

A: I’m going to be totally honest with you because I really care about you and your success. Even if you want to have a brick and mortar wellness clinic you still need to learn sales, marketing and how to effectively use social media to drive targeted leads to your lead magnet so you can build your email list. We are working and living in the new online economy where the quality of your email list determines the financial viability of your business.

The WBA teaches you how to use online marketing techniques to get new clients into your local business. This is different than having online programs, which is not a requirement. You will learn the business foundation systems you need to create, grow and monetize your health-focused business either offline, online or a combination of both.

Q: What if I’m advanced, have an email list, online programs and products. Will this help me double my income and scale my business?

If you are looking for a program that covers email list segmentation, list buys, detailed information on tracking ID’s, how to become a best-selling author, acquire 7-figure media buys or get 7-figure endorsed JV deals then the WBA isn’t for you because we don’t cover those topics.

Now let me ask you a question… are you making the kind of money you desire to be making even if you have a 5,000 or 15,000 person email list? I’ve had Amazon best-selling authors and students with several thousands on their email lists hugely benefit from the WBA because they didn’t have a tight back-end (not a booty but a sales funnel).

Maria who has been a nutritionist for years reported this, “Got two long term clients, 20 sessions each. Listened to your webinar on 'narrow your focus' that was a good revision to my business. Good stuff!”

Jess who has multiple online programs said this, “Relaunched a course and got 10 more students; 2 new coaching client packages sold; finished up a great 5 week program and 4 new 1:1 clients came out of that; finished some handouts I've been wanting to create forever.”

I’m not guaranteeing these types of results or any results at all for that matter. You are the only one who can determine your success. If you consider yourself to be an expert and are happy with the money you are making and the legacy you are building then there is no need for you to enroll in the Wellness Business Academy.

Q: What if I’m not ready now, when will The Academy open for enrollment again?

A: The Wellness Business Academy opens for enrollment two times a year – October and March.

Q: What is the payment plan, guarantee and cancellation policy?

A: You can choose between Option #1 for $197/month for 12 months or Option # 2 for $997/month for 12 months. If you choose to pay in full for either option you will get 2 months enrollment free.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If after you complete all of the Pillar 1 worksheets, attend and participate in the monthly live coaching call and interact in the WBA Facebook Community and don’t want to continue with the Academy for whatever reason, we will refund you the first monthly payment or refund you the entire paid in full investment.

After the 30-day money back guarantee expires you have the option to cancel your WBA membership at anytime without a refund on months completed. Once your cancellation is processed you will no longer have access to The Wellness Business Academy. We do require you to submit your completed worksheets for the Pillars available to you and to complete an exit interview (so we can learn how to improve) before cancelling your enrollment.

Q: Will I get one-to-one coaching from Lori or a member of Team LK?

A: Only if you choose the Option # 2 VIP Mastermind Package. This package gives you 10 hours of private coaching with Lori to be used by the time Pillar 12 is completed. Coaching calls cannot be transferred or carried over.

Q: I have a business partner; can we share the enrollment investment?

A: No. The WBA is an individually purchased program. After you complete your registration you will receive one username and one password that is specific to you. If you would like to work through the WBA with a business partner, friend or spouse you will each need to enroll separately.

Q: What if I don’t like the program? Can I get a full refund?

A: You have 30-day money back guarantee. If after you complete all of the Pillar 1 worksheets, attend and participate in the monthly live coaching call and interact in the WBA Facebook Community and don’t want to continue with the Academy for whatever reason we will refund you the first monthly payment or refund you the entire paid in full investment.

After the 30-day money back guarantee expires you have the option to cancel your WBA membership at anytime without a refund on months completed. Once your cancellation is processed you will no longer have access to any of the WBA membership site content. We do require you to submit your completed worksheets for the Pillars available to you and to complete an exit interview (so we can learn how to improve) before cancelling your enrollment.

Option # 1: WBA “Holistic Start-Up” Package

  • Access to the 12 Pillars of Development System (monthly curriculum)
  • Access to all elective classes
  • Access to the WBA Facebook Community
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching with Lori Kennedy
  • + Exclusive and private access to 3 Wellness Business Academy Weekend Masterminds attended live in person or available via live stream held at Pillar 4, 8 and 12 (July, October, March in Toronto)
  • + 10 hours of private coaching calls with Lori Kennedy
  • + Bonuses

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VIP Option: WBA “Mastermind” Package

  • Access to the 12 Pillars of Development System (monthly curriculum)
  • Access to all elective classes
  • Access to the WBA Facebook Community
  • Monthly LIVE group coaching with Lori Kennedy
  • + Exclusive and private access to 3 Wellness Business Academy Weekend Masterminds attended live in person or available via live stream held at Pillar 4, 8 and 12 (July, October, March in Toronto)
  • + 10 hours of private coaching calls with Lori Kennedy
  • + Bonuses

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