Attention Concerned Moms: Are You Homeschooling Your Child and Struggling to Make Meaningful Progress?

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World-class home schooling without the tears, frustration and expense of traditional schools that take lots of time and fall short in education.

A Mom I know ordered different curriculum for her five children – the most popular one for math, another highly rated program for science, yet another for grammar, and then chose some classics to follow for reading. It was the best intention leading directly to frustration. She was burnt out, tired of chasing different plans, and frustrated at the lack of progress in homeschooling her children.

It may be one of those days for you.

Nothing went according to plan.

Things went sideways somewhere between coffee and lunch. Today may not have been the first day; the plan may have been lost a while ago. The vision you had when you started homeschooling seems to be pulling away rather than coming closer. Perhaps you and your child struggle to agree on what to do. Perhaps the two of you are going through the motions without feeling satisfied with your accomplishments.

Our Mom thought she was going to provide a better education for her children than what her friends’ kids get at school. She was now worrying about her ability to provide a meaningful education at all. The nagging and self-doubt about homeschooling carried over into other areas of home life. In her darkest days, she considered giving up and sending her kids back to school.

You probably have a curriculum (or two or three!). There is so much great material available. It is exciting to start into a new set. The excitement can wear off as the amount of materials in the curriculums become overwhelming. Interest and curiosity turn to drudgery.

Online advice is plentiful but hard to follow – there is just too much and you are never sure if it is appropriate for your specific situation. It is so difficult to get a complete answer through a short comment back and forth in a site or on Facebook. The solutions do not fit your needs exactly.

Coaching seems amazingly expensive. Some coaches charge from $250 - $1000 per month to review progress with your child and you.

Therefore, you continue to struggle with a curriculum that is overwhelming and children that are not interested in a situation that is not turning out how you wanted.

You are not alone in wondering if you can do this. Listen to any homeschooling parent’s story and you will almost certainly going to hear how they started, “It was difficult at first…” is a common theme. “I should have relaxed more,” is another common statement.

Help Your Child Develop Their True Strengths

I created The 20 Minute School Day for you. It solves the problem of a mismatch in curriculum to what your child is ready to learn. It balances the latest trends such as student centered learning and subject oriented instruction but with the reality of the pressures of a busy household.

This easy to follow plan gives you daily steps to cover with your child to ensure they get the education they need. What will it look like if your child pursued true interests rather than wasting hours in video games or snapchat (these will never go away completely!)? Imagine they are better prepared for the future. Imagine they are happier, even successful. You can take control of the situation. You can create a way to influence the direction of your child’s learning so they will have a fighting chance when they are adults.

I Had the Same Problem

I have two older children and a kindergartner.

My oldest is your typical type-A personality: she received nearly all A’s from 1st-12th grade (a B in Physics her senior year ruined her record), she is a hard worker and follows the system with a lot of success (great college, wonderful scholarship, etc.).

My middle child is different. Even his sister admits he is the smarter of the two. He has a wonderful intelligence with an endearing personality. The problem is I rarely see his intelligence truly engaged.

Just last summer we were in a library and I suggested getting a book. His response was, “I don’t like reading – I get what I need to know on Twitter.” How can one possibly get a full literary experience 140 characters at a time?

Right there, I knew I had failed him. This child used to have amazing creativity, make clever jokes, and had a true interest in the world around him. I came to realize that had slowly given way to quick consumption of whatever “knowledge” was easily accessible.

What was an opportunity to raise someone capable of tremendous insights and problem solving appeared lost to an educational system that taught without truly engaging.

We are working on this; he is in his last two years of high school with a strong commitment to band. We are having many conversations about being able to see the difference between what people tell you to be true and figuring that out on your own.

My story changes with our kindergartner. We started down the same public school path as my other children.

In his first year, we were concerned with the benefit he was receiving from school – we could not see any beyond socialization. When we brought it up to his teacher at the end of his preschool year, she acknowledged the slow pace and said it was due to the curriculum she had to use.

In fact, it would be the same curriculum used for his next year! Her suggestion was to give it some time and see how his next kindergarten year would go.

We met with his kindergarten teacher early in the year, she also acknowledged the curriculum would be slow but said it was the one district said they had to use.

Attending parents meetings did not offer hope for change as they focused on fundraising. It was time to make a change.

I also own a curriculum review website. We get around 20,000 visitors each month. It helps people like you make smart choices about homeschooling since 2007.

After reading hundreds of reviews and researching the major curriculums, I saw a huge amount of concern around making the best choice for your child. People were agonizing over finding the perfect fit (the how) without regard to the why of homeschooling. I used these unique insights to recognize the fundamental gap in how most people were using their curriculum.

For our son, we created a simple framework to find learning opportunities that were of interest to him and complemented our educational goals.

The curriculum is secondary to this approach. It ends up with more free time and exciting learning without boredom. Once I saw what we created, I knew I had to share it with others.

The 20 Minute School Day is so simple to follow, it may feel obvious. It should; that means it is right for you! A good solution should just drop into place. It is fast – just 20 minutes spent each day at a time you choose.

As you begin to use it, you will start to see changes in your child’s response to schooling. They will complete their part more willingly, you will be able to see clear progress, and, best of all, they will begin to enjoy learning again. Imagine a homeschool experience that works because everyone is motivated!

Here are the benefits you will receive from using The 20 Minute School Day:

  • Your child’s learning is aligned with your goals
  • You will have fewer disagreements as to how the day should be spent
  • Learning will support your child’s strengths and specific interests
  • A sense of calm will be restored to the schooling process
  • Excitement and curiosity will return

Your household will have renewed confidence in the decision to homeschool

Testimonial: “I am so excited about the 20 minute school day! A few weeks ago I found we were in sort of a rut. Doing the same things over and over. We made the needed adjustments and got us back on track of what we needed to study. Talking with them and discussing "how we are doing" is also a big help. I have also applied this and have learned what they like to do the most. What they are really interested in. I can’t stand to see them sit there and yawn, so, this is a huge help in keeping them interested in what they do.” – Lisa M, homeschool mother

Testimonial: “the Twenty Minute School day … reduced the stress of surprise activities, seems to help center the curriculum around my children, and focuses them more for their individual activities. They feel they have more control of their own education and I have less pressure on me. I am anxious to fully implement this program in our everyday education. I would recommend this for homeschool parents. Especially those with multiple children at different ages and grade levels.” – TH, homeschool mom

Here is what you get in The 20 Minute School Day:

  • An exact blueprint that works for every day/age. This plan is broken into three areas:
  • Review Goals – checking progress and making adjustments
  • Identify Today’s Actions – the short term list of what must be done
  • Plan for Tomorrow – looking ahead to prepare for the next day’s work
  • A grade by grade overview of appropriate learning objectives and the mindset of what children are learning at each stage
  • Reading lists for each grade to help with ideas for the avid reader
  • A ton of online and offline resources to supplement your journey

Okay, I am in! I want to get started with The 20 Minute School Day. How much does it cost?

This blueprint in a box represents hundreds of hours of research and work to create a plan you can easily follow at home. Homeschool coaches charge from $250 - $1,000 per month just to guide you and your child over a few phone calls.

You can buy the books to figure this out – your Amazon bill will easily exceed $200 (mine did). On the other hand, you could continue to do what you are doing now: search online hoping to find a free magic answer. What is the value of those hours spent surfing the web? Some may say $50, others $100, others more.

The 20 Minute School Day (And It's Value)

I am doing something I have never done before. It is a no-risk offer to you. I have made thousands of sales but never one with pricing like this.

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Unbelievable Bonus!

We received some feedback on The 20 Minute School Day. I can tell you, a reviewer pointed out a huge area we missed.

She said, “I love the goal-oriented approach but sometimes it’s difficult to set goals with my children. Can you help me with that?” Wow – I could not believe we missed this! Something had to be done if people were going to get the most out of The 20 Minute School Day. I went back to work and created Goal Setting with Kids.

This completely new guide helps you to:

  • Work with your children to identify goals they want to achieve.
  • Help your children make the goals meaningful to both them and you.
  • Create ways to track progress that increases the chances the goal will be accomplished.

Paired with The 20 Minute School Day, Goal Setting with Kids significantly improves the quality of your child’s homeschool experience!

How Can You Go Wrong? Here’s the No-Risk Guarantee

This is very simple. We are a small business with great ideas that can help you. You may decide the products are not a fit for you.

Just let us know and we will refund your money with one small condition – send in your notes from at least five days of trying The 20 Minute School Day. The notes do not have to be pretty; just take a picture and attach it if you ask for a refund. Of course, you get to keep everything already sent to you.

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PS: You may decide you can do this on your own. You are right. The question is how long will it take? What is the cost of another day of delay and frustration? What is the value of finally having a clear path ahead?

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