Unleash Your Inner Six Pack and Melt Away Your Midsection by Unlocking a Secret Metabolic Hack that Shuts Down your “Fat Mass System,” Wasting Away 9 pounds of fat in the next 9 days.

I was fat my whole life, Until I Discovered an Unlikely Method That Few People Will Ever Believe That Helped Me She 77 pounds and puncture through every weight loss plateau.

Hi, my name is Ryan.

And the first thing you should know about me is that I’m not like most guys who have had fitness easy.

I’ve never played any high level sports or went to college. I’m not shredded and ripped like some fitness people you might know.

If there is one thing you should know about me it’s that losing weight and staying in shape was always difficult.

In fact, I was the video game, magic playing, non-athlete geek.

I was “The Fat Kid.”

I couldn’t control my appetite and it was the reason why I suffered through the embarrassment of being obese.

I’m writing to you because I need to share the most humiliating time of my life.

It was during this time, that I had lost all hope of ever losing weight.

It wasn't until I Discovered what was wrong with me.

It’s the Reason Why I was so overweight.

It was the reason why the food I ate turned into fat so quickly

And until I learned this secret that I’m going reveal in the next few short paragraphs, I did something that I thought was impossible.

I achieved permanent weight loss, boosted my energy and built strength faster than I’d ever thought was possible.

If you’ve ever struggled like I have, to ever feel comfortable in your own skin, this might the most important letter you ever read.

Before I achieved these amazing results (pictures below), I had 5 burning questions that no fitness expert could ever answer…..

  • Why was I always tired?
  • Why do I keep having uncontrollable food cravings that made it difficult to me to stop eating?
  • Why don’t I have the willpower to stick to a diet?
  • I can lose the weight, but how do I keep it off?
  • Why was it so much easier for naturally lean people to have a faster metabolisms?

The key to my problem lied in the answer to the 5th question.

It wasn’t lack self-discipline.

It wasn’t will power.

I knew that there had to be some other reason.

I later learned that these so-called fitness experts were misinformed about my unique situation.

I discovered, that deep down underneath within “chubby kid genetics” was an underlying culprit to my pudgy midsection.

If you’re having trouble saying no to all the random bad carbs that friends and family offer you, you could be suffering from a little-known fact that’s crushing your motivation and the blame of excessive fat storage.

The Greedy Fat Cells (The Fat Mass System)

Did you know that the reason why you might be overweight is because you have greedy fat cells?

I can’t believe that it’s so difficult to find reliable information on this.

I was shocked that the diet and fitness industry has be lying to me for so many years.

It’s not calories and it’s not carbs. It’s these evil greedy particles that were keeping me fat and making it impossible to get rid of my gut.

Greedy Fat Cells were to blame for why I had an ever expanding waistline.

Have you ever had that feeling, when your pants feel too tight?

Or at times your stomach feels more bloated and big for no good reason?

And you haven’t even eaten anything yet.

Is it possible that it’s not your fault?

I wish I would’ve knew about this years ago, but for the first time ever I’m going share with you how to defeat these greedy fat cells.

The Secret to Shut Them Down

This secret is more powerful than self-discipline and more powerful than will power,

It’s so unbelievably effective that other so called fitness and nutrition experts don’t want you to believe it. They will call it bull.

That even your friends will say it goes against the grain and it can’t possibly work (especially your fit friends).

But a lot of these people don’t know what it’s like to be overweight

They don’t know what I’m about to share with you.

A Secret so powerful, that in as little as 9 days you could have as much as 9lbs of body fat forever removed from your midsection by next week.

Putting an end to Starvation mode, Shutting down your Survival gene and kicking in to high gear your natural instinctive fat burning mechanisms.

Greedy Fat Cells Are The Reason For A Fat Midsection

Here’s something important you should know,

  • Greedy Fat Cells causes muscle cell starvation, deceiving your mind and crippling self-control.
  • Greedy Fat Cells rob your body of strength, leading to afternoon energy lows
  • Greedy Fat Cells are the reason why you have random sugary and salty cravings.

That even if you’re counting calories, working out every day and avoiding carbs, these greedy fat cells will cause you to put on unwanted pounds, adding inches to your waistline.

Worst of all, even if you lose weight, they will make you gain the weight back.

Now, for the first time, I’m going to reveal what you need to do

Once you discover and fully grasp what I’m going to share with you in this article,

It may hit a nerve and possibly anger you because you’ve been lied to by the diet and fitness industry.

And once you implement and integrate these strategies it will change your body forever.

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve had trouble losing weight in the past

Even if you’ve yo-yo dieted.

Even if you’ve been overweight your whole life or have bad “slow-metabolism” genetics.

Because I was fat and my fat cells were to blame.

They acted like sponges for fat storage.

And if you’re reading this far, it’s probably affecting you too.

Greedy Fat Cells made me weak and lack cardio

Exercise was burdensome.

It was strenuous to jog. I could barely run and I was too weak to do push-ups.

When I attempted to get fit, it was slow.  I would be gasping for air and get winded easily.

The process of getting in shape through exercise was painful, slow and arduous.

It was as if something was holding me back from making progress like the other people around me (even my brothers who I shared the same genes with).

Block Greedy Fat Cells and Turbo Boost Your Snails Paced results into overdrive.

Because once I was able to set into motion the shut down,

I made progress faster than I had ever imagined.

I couldn't believe it was possible for me to ever do a pull up. (I can do 15 now.)

Unknown to me at the time, I flipped the master hormone switch.

This metabolic hack will strip excess belly fat and melt away your gross disgusting gut.

The Fat Loss “cheat code” to beat the enemy greedy fat cells.

This secret has to do with a method that few people believe

and this is the reason why I’m nervous to share it.

They don’t know what I’m about to share with you.

It will radically transform your body, but more importantly it has the potential to reconstruct your mind, changing the way you think about fat loss forever, regaining the strength and vitality you know that’s already in you.

For me personally, it’s actually more important that it shifts your thinking.

Because if you’re able to change the way you think, you can repeat this hormone hack and have near-unlimited willpower and create unshakable self-confidence.

Transforming your body and mind – becoming who you know you can be.

And accomplish more than just ridding your stomach fat.

It makes me sick to my stomach to share this

But this story that I’m embarrassed about, is the source of this body transformation discovery.

It’s uncomfortable for me to share.

It stems from incredible struggle and ridicule.

Feelings of inadequacy and self-hate

and a series of live-changing traumatic family deaths that took me to a dark place.

A place so overbearingly dark, that I would never wish it upon my worst of enemy.

And it’s in this place I discovered a hidden way for you to win against greedy fat tissue.

You see..

I lacked confidence, couldn’t get a date to save my life. I was soft and clumsy, felt like an all-around lame human being.

I was a hopeless mess.

I had Zero Willpower.  My appetite mechanism was broken and my metabolism was damaged. It was the reason why I felt like a failure of a human being.

If there is anything I’m an expert in, it’s failure.

You see, diabetes runs in my family, almost everyone on my dad's side has disadvantage genes that are highly susceptible to becoming diabetic.

The Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome X

Insulin resistant, eye blinding diabetes that result in a domino decline of downgrading health problems.

I couldn’t help but feel furious about my unlucky life.

I was going to have a crappy one of forever being fat and unhealthy.

The sequence of DNA that God gambled to me; God's roulette wheel had dealt me a hand of hatred.

It pains me to think that I was Soon to be Diseased by Diabetes,

My Family Fat Gene would be the fate of a short life if I didn't cure my near morbid obesity.

Fat was going to Kill me and Diabetes was around the corner.

Depressing music, anger and Bad decisions fueled raw emotion to the possibility of ever continuing.

Why me? Why must it be so difficult?

I can’t begin to tell you how much I hated myself.

Just before the thoughts of suicide could take hold of me my Mom was killed.

It ruined my life.

Have you ever turned to a bad habit for relief?

I ended up becoming more depressed and found comfort in eating my sorrows away.

Then months later my grandmother died and I didn't care. It hurts too much to write about my mom, but my grandmother died of a heart attack.

I was desensitized by everything around me.

I became obese, weighing in at a hefty 242lbs.

Betrayed, Bullied and beaten in school.

I was ridiculed and hated: They called me ugly – overweight & Fat.

From 242lbs to 165lbs  What’s the 77lbs Fat Loss Question?

The Secret Lies in A Metabolic Hormone Hack that’s found in 2 types of weight loss strategies.

Which is Better?

Quick Weight Loss
Slow Weight Loss

Quick Weight Loss: If you lose it fast it’s easy to keep going and stay motivated.
Problem: Haven’t you heard this? Lose the weight fast, gain it back fast (usually gain more).

Slow Weight Loss: Conventional wisdom would suggest that this is the most healthy, effective and logical way to lose weight.
Problem: Weight gain can come back in flash. It’s easy to wipe out results from one bad weekend.

Quick Weight Loss: It’s easier to stay committed for a short period of time than a long period of time.
Problem: After that commitment period, almost 99% of all cases resulted in rebound weight.

Slow Weight Loss: More flexible food options
Problem: Being flexible with your diet leads to binge eating or worse, no noticeable results.

Quick Weight Loss: Sometimes it’s easier to just follow a diet where you eat only one kind of food that helps with cutting calories quickly.
Problem:Malnutrition combined with Erratic Energy Lows and irritability from hunger rob you from having quality workouts.

Slow Weight Loss: Exercise less, eliminate muscle loss and better energy.
Problem: Not only does it take longer to achieve your abs, but time is your enemy when it comes to slow weight loss because there are more things in your life that could derail you.

Why do Fit, Lean People Have Faster Metabolisms?

People who are naturally skinny and lean have special kinds of metabolisms.

And when you learn how to make this “3 day shift” to your body’s chemistry, you can tap into the unfair metabolic advantage that naturally fit lean people have.

And if you do this you have the potential to activate the abilities of the genetic elite.

It’s clear that these athletes and celebrities don’t have greedy fat cells, but to help better understand this concept, let’s break down the fat facts to get you using this method right away.

Facts about Fat Storage in Fit People

When you’re able to use fuel effectively, you have high amounts of energy and superb metabolic control.  It even makes it easier to build muscle and strength.

Effective usage means little to no fat storage.

And if you want to have the metabolism you’ve always wanted, you need to understand this fact:

You Have “Smart” Fat Cells

Here’s a profound truth you should know about people who struggle with losing midsection fat:

Greedy Fat cells are Smart fat cells

Everything and anything you eat will turn into fat.  Your smart fat cells are basically geniuses, because the signal to the brain perceives an urgency for survival.

Here’s what this “Survival Mechanism” says:

“Stockpile and store into the fat repository all incoming calories.”

They want to store for the famine that could be coming, because the desire for Caloric excess is a built in evolutionary characteristic that allows you to have a survival advantage in times of low food availability.

Why You Have Genius Fat Cells

In other words, because you have “genius fat cells,” you have an ancestral advantage.

You have a built in inner drive stronger than that of lean people.

Under conditions of starvation, famine and scarcity – you have the genetic built in ability to outlast naturally thin people.

You may have noticed that you’re probably stronger than most people, even if you don’t exercise.

I ended up becoming more depressed and found comfort in eating my sorrows away.

It’s because of this inner genius that allows you channel your inner ambition to move more weight with less work.

No! Not heavy Weights

And I’m not even talking about barbells and dumbbells. I’m talking about simple tasks like moving a couch or pushing stalled car.

It’s because your body is designed to be better when times are tough.

Simply put, you are a survivor. Your body is smarter than the average thin person.

Here’s Why Your Fat Cells Are Smart

  • You don’t misuse your time, so you don’t waste energy
  • Having more body fat keeps you warm and protects from harsh conditions
  • Gives you more leverage for strength
  • Your ambition to find food is strong when necessary

How becoming an orphan changed my life and Unleashed my inner Invictus

Ugly, overweight and fat I struggled to make new friends after moving to a new city. I was without a father and a mother.

I had no one.

I can only be happy with the fact that I made through one of the most difficult times of my life. With a single bullet I lost 2 parents.

One buried in the ground and other is alive in jail; but both are dead to me.

It’s part of my history that keep concealed.

In many ways I’m thankful but I would never wish it on anybody.

As I write this I can’t help but smile that you don’t have to go through what I went through to discover this inner drive.

"Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.”

You see, my mom was murdered by my father.  I seriously can’t make this shit up. Murdered in plain sight.

I have 2 younger brothers and the most painful part for me to remember was my youngest brother asking me what hospital Mom was at.

I’ll never forget that day in front of the police station as we were taken in for questioning.

"In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed."

Have you ever stubbed your toe on the corner of a bed or bang your knee on the edge of desk?  It hurts don’t it?

Imagine if you lost a limb in a freak accident.

Like the story about Namit Katariya who lost his right arm in a freakish accident.

He felt close to nil pain.

It’s like your body gets so overwhelmed, it shuts parts of you down to ensure you can function properly to get to safety.

The numbness of Novocaine all over your body, it’s how I felt.

I felt like I was supposed to cry or feel sad, but I felt nothing.

I was numb all over.

Things spiraled down as I grew up through my teenage years.

"Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid."

Invictus is the Latin adjective for invincible.

But I prefer the meaning unconquerable because invincible sounds like you don’t feel pain.

We are the same, we both feel pain.  There’s nothing fake about the struggle to change.

But I’m writing to tell you that you can in fact do it.  There’s something in you that’s special that nobody has.

You’re reading this because you’re looking for it and you’re closer than most.

You’re so close, it’s right under your nose.

Every struggle has lead you here and I’m here to tell you the truth.

Because you’ve been lied to

And that’s only the beginning.

TV and media were telling me to eat a certain way.

Dozens of books by so called experts were falsifying information.

In truth, they were probably never fat and overweight like me.

These fitness gurus have had abs their whole life

Or what about non-fitness experts, just friends or people you know that have been fit and lean their whole life.  The “naturally skinny” people.

Did you ever notice that the people that criticize those who don’t exercise and are overweight have been skinny their whole life?

It’s infuriating sometimes, but I can’t blame them for their ignorance.

They don’t understand fat kid genetics.

Personal Trainers would just tell me I ate too much, or I ate too much carbs, or too much fat or…

Sometimes I’ve been told that I’m eating too little and protein is bad for my kidneys.

I would be told that cardio was bad because it causes muscle loss. Then I’m later told that interval training type cardio was the way to go.

High reps are better, then I’m told it’s all about low reps heavy weight.

Atkins, Paleo, Whole 30, meal timing. Geez calories

Which one is it?

They didn’t know real science, modern science

For years I’ve been told that I must drink milk to grow big and strong.

It was a half-truth because I did get big, I got big and fat.

Professional athletes on television showing that milk is really what makes them amazing.

What these professional athletes are not telling you is that they were born that way.

Their body easily uses food as if it were a steroid, turning dairy and carbs into high octane energy and using protein to fuel performance gaining muscle.

Most of all, they’re able to use fat to synthesize advantageous hormones that metabolically enhance their body for fat burning.

Yup that’s right, that’s the reason stay below 10% body fat year round.

Do You Know This Guy?

Everybody has that friend or family member.  Maybe it was someone you grew up with that was always lean, fit, strong – probably became prom king, captain of the football team, had a hot girlfriend…

or it could’ve just been some random person you knew..

They look exactly like they did in high school. Still Slim and haven’t aged ab it.

You might not look older, but you feel older.

99% of the population can’t do this

Other people can’t do this because they have stupid fat cells that waste energy faster than those who have smart fat cells.

Faster metabolism basically means that naturally thin people have a Fat Mass System that’s better at wasting energy.

That’s the reason why they have very little body fat on their body.

The Magic Switch to Flip to Burn More Fat

Do you really think that you can just have fat melt right off your body by pressing a button or switch?

It’s not just some Stupid Silly Switch.

It’s more than that.

It has everything do with the Fat Mass System.

Remember that lean people have stupid fat cells that waste energy.  The Fat Mass System is filled with these dumber fat cells.

Believe or not, if you have stubborn belly fat, your body can temporarily become less-smart and waste energy like a lean person.

Fact: Your fat cells function like a naturally lean person. They already do.

The problem is that your fat cells figure out what you’re doing and shift back to being greedy.

This is why you have to go through a 3 day metabolic phase shift to keep them in the “dumb phase” longer to waste fat as fuel.

Dumb down your Greedy Smart Fat Cells to Get Abs like a professional

Shift your metabolism to the genetic elite and become insulin sensitive.

Discover how to use these cells to your advantage by strategically manipulating eating timing.

Much of how this strategy is built is based on the behavior of your unique insulin response.

Think of insulin as a transporter of energy or shuttle that takes calories you eat and put into your body’s cells.

If you have fat kid genetics or just have trouble losing weight, it means that your body secretes more too insulin than that of a leaner person in response to a meal.

This is a bit oversimplified and doesn’t quite explain the whole story, but just understand that you need to become more sensitive to insulin like a lean person so that you can disrupt your Fat Mass System from taking over you nervous system.

Flexible Fat Molecules is the secret

When you’re metabolically inflexible, you will have trouble shifting your metabolism.

So what’s that mean exactly?

It means since your body isn’t flexible enough to “shift gears” your brain and blood sugar have mechanisms that screw with your chemistry affecting motivation levels.

What do you think is natural automatic response happens to low energy?

You either get sleepy or you get hungry (or both).

Now it should be starting to make sense

This is why many of us have trouble losing weight, and is a big part of the Greedy Fat Cell puzzle.

Your body isn’t quite broken, it has become efficient at using one pathway for energy.

In a way, greedy fat cells are really lazy fat cells that have found the easiest way to get energy needs met.

There’s this cycle that’s occurring in your body, a cycle that your body is quite brilliant about using; with in your Fat Mass System, your cells have found a jackpot of easy to access energy.

Essentially, easy fat storage.

When your fat mass system senses weight loss or reduction in calories, it will fight you – forcing you to eat.

This is where you learn to break the cycle.

Break free from the fat mass system and the greedy fat cells by activating your built in ambition.

  • Break the rapid fat gain cycle
  • Break away from forever having a weak will
  • Break control from the fat that’s holding you down
  • Just like I did so many years ago

Things had to get worse before they could get better

My life spiraled downwards as my bodyweight shot up.  Sloth like heaviness crippled all sense of hope. I found myself going from depression to anger.  I became more introverted and socially awkward.

Nervousness and anxiety ruled my life.

It felt like a long slow death to the inevitable.

I was trapped by my Social anxiety, shyness and introversion.

But then something weird happened.

I got numb and just stopped caring.

You would think that I would be bitter with hate, but it was really just nothingness.

It was during these moments that I discovered something amazing.

Moments of Ambition

Ambition to move forward or move backward.

Our lives will never be as dramatic as Hollywood, but realize it’s in these moments we’re able to adjust our course.

Which brings us closer to our ideal.

When driving yourself towards becoming a fitter leaner you, there are 4 phases

0.  Demotivated phase

This is almost the most difficult part to get out of.  It’s where you know you “should” but then you don’t. Because you’ve read this far, we can throw 0 out.

However I will teach how to get out of zero if you ever get here.

1. Motivation Phase

You’re motivated and on track and getting most things right.  You have momentum and will power is strong. Your sense of urgency to achieve is in high gear.

This is where everybody wants to be, but it’s near impossible, but I’ll tell you the secret to keep getting back to phase 1.

2. Slow-Motive Phase

This is the point where contentment starts to set in.  You might be making good progress, feeling good about yourself but then that voice sets in and says

“it’s okay to eat that cookie.”

“you can have a drink or two.”

“You don’t need to workout today.”

“you deserve a break.”

This is probably the most dangerous mental phase for fat loss. Seemingly positive emotions are telling you that it’s okay to slow down.  Negative emotions might tell you you’re not good enough.  It’s what I consider the negative gray zone.  When you feed yourself bullshit to make you stop or slow down towards reaching your ultimate outcome.

This is the phase you must get out of ASAP if you’re ever able to

3. Unstoppable Phase

Where nothing, nobody can hold you back.

Nothing can stop you.

I don’t know if you’re parent, but I have 3 kids.

Imagine you’re at work and you get a call from your kid’s elementary school and you’re told something terrible has happened to your child.

What do you do?

I have a wife and I can tell you that if my wife got that call nothing could get in her way.  She would stop everything she’s doing and go to school to find out what happened.

This is true internal motivation.

You are born with this.

I just described the natural motherly instinct of women.

If you have stubborn belly fat because of greedy fat cells, you have this kind of motivation in you.

You must tap into this special instinct to achieve the personal greatness you deserve.

Because it’s in you.  There are glimmers and glints of amazing that exposes itself.

It’s in you, but you don’t know how to expose itself consistently

How to become unstoppable and get the fit lean body you want

Step 1: Shut down greedy fat cells

Step 2: Activate your inner ambition

Step 3: Get out of the slow motive Phase immediately

Step 4: Use the 3 metabolic hacks below to accelerate fat loss while fat cells are suppressed

Step 5: the most important.

Dramatic results from achieving the body, mind and confidence you want come from 2 very important things

  • Environment
  • Accountability

Positive environments that drive you towards your goals isn’t always in easy access to everybody every day. You already know that the people you surround yourself with either push you forward or hold you back.

Some of us are lucky to have accountability from friends and family, but this is not always the case.

Here’s my missing link

I’ve always been self-motivated but it wasn’t until I got a coach that I was able to truly able to change my life.

I know there’s something inside you that I strong and powerful, that can accomplish anything – if you set your mind to it.

This was it!  It was setting my mind to and keeping it on “it.”  That was the greatest difference.

Once I was able to get a coach I was able to have laser beam focus to accomplish my goals.

I know that If you do the next thing I’m about to share you, you will be able to get to that next stage.

Last story

The words dad are the most painful words, because they mean betrayal.

And it really hurts to write.

I have this chip on my shoulder.

It’s not much different what the word “fat” meant to me.

Yes, they are just words, but words mean different things to different people.

But it’s these words that awaken parts inside of us that recall positive or negative experiences.

Because of this pain I’ve never been more driven to best father I can be.  To be the complete opposite of a loser that mine was to me.

Not just a failure to me, but a failure to my brothers.

I struggled as a fat kids growing up.  Trouble controlling my eating because the fat cells where fueled by the words: “finish your plate.”

I finished every plate alright.

Lack luster performance I school and in sports.  I couldn’t for the life of me do anything athletic.

I rarely ever got a chance to play games at recess, and if I did I was picked last. I craved for acceptance and did all the wrong things to get it.

They say you grow out of being fat and it actually started to happen for me.

But then that’s when it happened.

I wish I didn’t remember like it was yesterday, but it might as well have been.

It was July 9th, 1997

We were coming back from Serramonte Mall

My Mom unlocked the door and it was just my 2 younger brothers and I that walked in to the house.

Then in a fury of confusion, an exchange of words in my native language were murmured with contempt.  With a tight jaw and tense expression, my parents had their hands on one another.

Fighting, tugging and Grappling at each other.

The awkwardness was almost indiscernible. I was 15 years old.

All I could think about was how much in trouble my dad would be in.

I wondered if he would go to jail for violating his restraining order

He had a brown bag in his right hand and I thought nothing of it.

As we stood in the hall way of our rented 2 bedroom home in daily city I knew that my 2 youngest brothers were not going to do anything.  They had just both turned 12 and 13.

No one was going to save us.

Nobody was here, just our soon to be more broken family.

I reacted in a heartbeat.

I got in-between and broke quarrel. I pushed my mother into the living room entrance as she spoke with anger to my father.

I turned to face my dad, I can’t remember what I said but I thought to myself that dad would leave and mom would cool down.

Then I turned to fully face my mom

And that’s when it happened

Ringing in my right ear was the result of a loud bang.

I felt a spray of hot droplets on my face.

I guided mom to the ground next to the television in the living room.

I have no idea how I did what happened next

But my dad had the gun to his head and I rushed pull it away.

I grabbed his arm with gun and we spun around in the hallway entrance as I wrestled the firearm away.

I told him to go upstairs to be with my brothers

I put the gun in the right hand drawer of the family computer desk.

I picked up the phone, called 911 as I watched my mother try to open her mouth struggling for her life, gasping for air.

Everything happened so fast.

It felt like a movie.

I went got towels to place under my mom’s head.

She was gone

Personal greatness equation

“Pressure makes diamonds.”

You can do this, but to go in it alone is difficult.

All the ways you wish you could be is already inside you and on different day it reveals itself.

To accomplish the physical body and mental will you seek lies in exposing your best self every day.

This is where you discover how to unleash your inner best self on a consistent basis.  To work out when you suppose to, eat what you’re supposed to and do all the things you know you’re capable of.

To no longer be afraid and be fearless.

Crush your inner coward and reveal what it is that’s inside of you.

There is a confident and amazing self that can accomplish anything he or she sets her mind to.

Because in other parts of your life, you’ve done it before,

When in fact, it was more difficult.

You’ve accomplished so many obstacles and made it through so many trials and tribulations.

I know you’ve had more strength, more ability and more fitness;

To only be weighed down by random events in your life and mental obstacles

I know how it feels. It feels terrible.

I want you to know that I understand you and I understand your hurdles.

It’s because I’ve been there before and I know how frustrating it can be.  I hate how it feels to know you can do something but for some odd reason, you don’t do it.

Or sometimes you get there, but you don’t keep it.

But I’m here to tell you that you can win this fight.

Your best self is there and pieces of it rears its head every day.

I want to share the secret to finding this inner strength to have a landslide victory against the lack of will and win.

You can be the hero of your body and mind

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul

How to use Greedy Fat cells to Your advantage and accomplish your mental and physical fitness Potential

As you can probably tell by, now I’m dead serious about getting you to achieve your best physical and mental self.

This program is about getting you results and below is just the tip of the ice berg.

This is not just weight loss program or exercise plan – it is a method for you to take control of your fat cells and reinforce physical change through mental change.  Nothing matters more to me than to make a positive impact on your life.

And all the things you see below are just pieces that fit into a puzzle of personal and physical achievement.

  • Learn the 3 day shift metabolic hack is rooted in human physiology, but made permanent by psychology
  • Discover 3 techniques to upgrade self-confidence first to strip fat and revealing your best self
  • Scientifically proven method that allows you to eat the foods you want just as long as you follow this sequence in the day
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  • A full proof strategy to eliminate food tracking and counting calories and still get your abs to show.
  • The One Reason Why Your Brain is Making you Fail at changing your body. (but more importantly how to stop it dead in it’s tracks)
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  • Learn how to boost brain function and fat metabolism by avoiding this 1 food
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  • A Special Emergency eating Sequence used by Victoria secret models to get ready for a photoshoot (can be used for a weekend get away)
  • Why this eating strategy has been kept hidden by most of the big food companies as well big pharmaceutical companies (if you knew this they’d lose billions of dollars)
  • 2 of my new life changing habits that has forever changed social anxiety and conquer fear
  • The 1 day hack to shift your body’s chemistry to using fat as its primary fuel to get rid of belly fat faster (works if you have less than 19lbs to lose)
  • If you have 20lbs or more to lose, use this 5 day plan to prepare for the 1 day hack.
  • The 2 foods that boost brain function and mental acuity
  • Unconventional method for increasing mental toughness for work, productivity and workouts.

This is unlike any program you’ve ever tried or attempted.  By following “the core of the program” you’ll be able to get started on remodeling your metabolism in seconds.  This program is based on scientifically proven principles of human physiology and psychology.

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The Fat Burning Break Fast System Manual (And It's Value)

The 20+ page manual explaining the ins & outs of everything you need to do to melt away your belly fat while still being able to eat the foods you want.

I spell out everything you need to do get the results you want.  No fancy technical jargon here, just simple to follow instructions to get you on the fast track feeling and seeing results.

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Customizable Menu Template (And It's Value)

Do enjoy planning a whole day of eating? With the customizable menu templates we take the guess work out. An easy to follow practical plan of how you should eat for each day.  A template you can customize to your ideal choices.

All done in an easy-to-follow guide that keeps you focused on what to eat next.

Personal Greatness Equation Strategy Guide (And It's Value)

It’s not every day that you make a life altering decision so great that it transforms your life.  Within this guide are the strategies to defeat self-doubt and crush mediocrity.  To be better, stronger and a more confident self to fuel accelerated results into the Fat Burning Break Fast.  A guide

The Healthy Food Myth Scam Strategy Guide (And It's Value)

Did you know that certain 'healthy foods' can slow down your progress and actually lead to weight gain? That's what the Healthy Food Myth Strategy Guide is for, it's designed to cut through the confusion and teach you what to avoid when it comes to eating healthy.

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7 Day Break Fat Fast Plan (And It's Value)

Fat is hard to get off your body, so we will “break” it off.

This was going to be part of the original program but I decided not to include it.

Why Not? Because it’s not for the faint of heart.  Simply put, it’s not for everybody because of how extreme it is. It’s something you can do once every 6 weeks to get a boost in fat loss and can be used as jump start before starting the Fat burning Breakfast program.

What Changed My Mind? You deserve faster results if you choose to put yourself through this difficult, for-professionals-only, advanced carb cycling plan.

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Target stubborn lower belly fat and Get ripped abs sooner with 6 easy-to-follow 3 minute sequences.  Mobilize your midsection by activating your core muscles and fire up blood flow to melt stubborn belly fat.

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Know exactly what you just do with these professional instruction videos guiding you through each part of every single movement.  Avoid ab training mistakes and put an end to back breaking crunches.

1-on-1 in-person Coaching Clients Pay Me well Over $1,140 a month to implement this program

Online clients pay $200 a 4 week Plan with a 12 week commitment.

My private clients will spend $95 per hour 3 days a week for this information. For a 4 week program that’s well over $1,000 a month, committing to 8 weeks at a time costing up front $2,280.

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I could easily charge for $179 for this program.

The full retail price of the Fat Burning Breakfast Formula is $89

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$99 $19

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