Your next fat burning meal is ready for you on the way home or for lunch today.

Discover the secret fat torching and tasty foods that have been hiding in the places you have been eating at all along in a special menu designed for you.

Since you are really serious about your fat loss goals and time is of the essence, let’s get started! You and I both know the quicker you start, the quicker you will see lasting results and the motivation to continue on this way of life.

Here is your next meal on the way to the grocery store or on the way home from work.

This is a cheat sheet template of how to eat the best possible from fast food restaurants. There are a few that are offering higher quality options.

This is a menu of all of my favorite go to options when I am pressed for time or everything is closed in my area.

There is a way to eat at just about anywhere that serves food without gaining an ounce of fat.  I know fast food is not the best quality of food, but in certain times you eat what is available and fast.

This will help you solve your time emergency problems without creating more problems with your health.

Places like Hardee’s/Carl’s Junior, Wendy’s, Sonic, Fox’s Pizza, Moe’s, Chick-fil-A, etc.

Really this is universal to 99% of the places to eat in America. You will be able to eat with anybody and inspire them to eat better too. There are even places you can get grassfed beef, fresh vegetables, and delicious dressings served through a drive thru.

It takes a lot of careful planning and also knowledge on your own of all the secret hidden traps of destruction. Like the delicious onion rings, mozzarella sticks, etc.

We have all of this done for you so there isn’t any choices to be made when we are at our weakest. This menu will tell you exactly how to order at any restaurant with ease. This is still ordering tasty food that is filling without the most negative side effects.

You can start today by lunch or by supper if everything in your house needs to be tossed or donated to the nearest shelter. I had to toss everything out of my house because everything I had been eating was the reason I gained so much fat and got so sick.

Kids will love the food as well and you can still make them happy with these meals. It may seem hard, but by seeing you enjoy the new options, they will want the same for them. This menu will buy you plenty time to set up a plan to hit the grocery store.

Of course this is only meant to be used in times of emergency or startup, not all the time. This is like insurance choices.

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