Fast fat loss without dieting or exercise that will last for life.

Fast fat loss without exercise or dieting that will last for life. I am talking about a pound a day until all of your excess fat is gone. You will eat the most delicious food and as much as you want.

This is for those who have tried every diet fad, exercise DVD, fat loss pill, etc. Maybe one worked for a while only to gain the weight back again. You need a fast and permanent solution to your fat loss goals. There is a way to live that does all of this, and I am going to show you how.

Many people believe that food is the problem, so less food is the solution. Well I’m here protesting that because I love food, and restricting what I love is not an option. This is your answer to eat around the clock if you want to.

Far too many people are malnourished from the restriction of eating. Today is the day you can look in the mirror and imagine never feeling guilty from eating a lot of delicious food or missing a workout.

Your very next fat burning feasting is waiting on you. You will see food as fuel and a source of energy, not as an enemy anymore. You have found the way to eat all the food you love and enjoy. You will be looking forward to your next meal instead of dreading it.

Ultimate fat loss without exercise or dieting?


Yes, I said it. You don’t have to do boring cardio for hours or even at all for that matter to lose every pound of EXCESS body fat.

I know I’m crazy, but I am here to bust this myth. It gives exercise a bad rep. Exercise when done correctly can help you out in many parts of life, but timing is the most important factor for exercise.

I am here to put you in control to choose when it is best to exercise if at all. Exercise isn’t for everyone. There are people who can’t exercise for medical or personal reasons.

I am not against exercise.  I am against the way of thinking that you have to work yourself to death to achieve long lasting results. I am totally against diets. Restricting yourself is pretty much sinful.

The majority of the world still believes that eating more than a bird and not working out will make you morbid.


I hate this for all the trainers in the world, including myself, but you don’t HAVE to work out to lose all of your excess body fat. After discovering this, I quit doing personal training and focused on food because it is so much more effective.

Honestly, I have a confession. I quit working out because I lost 28 pounds in 17 days. This was the most body fat I had lost at one time. I actually looked better and more muscular without exercise.

I was sick of the intense cardio and lifting weights while only eating 1800 calories per day, so I quit all that and just focused on what worked the best: eating more.

There is a secret lifestyle that has been discovered by hundreds maybe even thousands of people that either can’t exercise or just don’t like to do it for whatever reason.

Most call it ketogenic diet, low carb, paleo, Atkins diet, etc. These are DIETS that work but are flawed because they are just that: another diet. They’re not a way of life that is easy to adopt into your daily habits and thought processes.

There are some confusing parts to these diets that make them hard to stick to. Some work for a while at first, but in time people get bored with it and feel restricted. A few even are totally fine with you eating rancid food or fat storing foods.

I have found the solution to every diet out there, and my wife has made it all taste delectable.

You will never get massive, long lasting fat loss eating less. The more you eat, the more results you will see. We all know diets don’t work. We don’t have to keep beating that in the ground.

There is a secret lifestyle that I have discovered by compiling thousands of dollars of the best nutrition coaching programs, training programs, supplement company suggestions and doctor visits (for me).

This lifestyle is universal and dynamic. It is easy to learn and weave it into your busy life now. This is the simplest way to burn fat and live life to the fullest in every way possible.

You can eat out every night or cook your own food like we do most of the time. Experiment with food for different flavors, textures, and styles of cooking all while loving your lean sexy body.

In four years total I have compiled all of the best ways of consuming and producing nutrition for fat loss. I have personally lost 50 lbs without exercise, and I maintained it for 1 year before exercising for fun again.

My name is Tommy Dansby, and I am here to transform your life.

From birth I have been a sickly child. I always struggled with what doctors call IBS.

I played football throughout high school all while being sick.

After I graduated it got so bad that the doctors took out my gallbladder at 19.

I gained upwards of 220+ lbs at 5’7”.

This was almost 50 lbs in under 5 months.

I was in a lot of pain and my digestive problems only seemed to worsen.

I sought out answers to my problems and found way more than what I needed to eliminate my sickness.

Of course doctors didn’t have a pill to solve my IBS, so they couldn’t help me.

Most doctors told me most people just live with it.

I couldn’t accept this, so I took it upon myself to find a way to truly live. As I discovered the way to heal and eliminate my IBS, I found that all my excess fat disappeared.

I found out the reasons I had gained the weight and the reasons I was sick.

Honestly, getting well for me was the main concern, but in that process I found the secret to fat loss and ultimate health.

My mission in life is to share my secret discoveries that burn fat without exercise or dieting.

I will continue to simplify and continue to add to it as I learn more.

My wife did the same thing wedding pictures and before and after. 60 pounds in 1 month

Here is her story in her own words. Maybe this is similar or exactly the same as your story.

I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life.

Obviously, it’s in my genetics because some of my family members have had to have the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve to attempt to solve their weight loss problems.

I kid you not when I say was already pushing 200 pounds in the 5th grade and wearing a size 14.

I was able to lose most of my excess weight during high school, but it was only because I was playing basketball and skipping lunch every day.

Fast forward to college, I gained the freshman 30, not the freshman 15.

I got about 15 pounds of it off in about 3 days, but I was eating less than 800 calories per day (half of those calories coming from a sandwich).

I stayed “full” off of coke and water.

My blood sugar took a hit, and I was becoming pre-diabetic.

You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever gotten so hungry and feel like you’re going to pass out if you don’t eat right that second.

It took me less than a week to gain it all right back (plus some) when I had to start eating again.

Then I met Tommy.

He somehow knew food was the way to my heart.

It didn’t take long for me to start carrying around at least 20 extra pounds.

Then I went to nursing school.

My stress level went through the roof, and I’m a comfort eater.

Bam! 40 extra pounds.

That’s what eating a pan of brownies a day will do to ya.

After I finished nursing school, we got engaged.

It’s every girl’s dream to look beautiful and thin on her wedding day.

That’s all it took for me to get on board with Tommy’s program.

I lost 60 pounds and 8 pants sizes before I even went dress shopping the next month!

And the best part is I was eating more food while losing weight than I ever had my whole life!

It’s been over 2 years since we started this journey.

I’m eating even more and haven’t gained a single pound back.

You are ready to burn all of your excess body fat without exercise or dieting, just like we did and continue to do.

Start burning fat today


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