You'll Never Look At Launching Your Online Business The Same Way Again...

The Most Complete, Done-For-You Launch Framework Ever Created

  • From: Lori Kennedy and Ben Teal

  • Las Vegas,  Nevada

  •  January 13, 2016

Dear Friend,

Are you interested in generating more income online this year? Do you have a breakthrough infoproduct but don't know how to bring it to market? Are you pressed for time and want someone to build your online marketing funnel for you? 

Then this will be the most important letter you will ever read!

Listen. Online info marketing is one of the highest leverage activities for growing your business. In many cases, you can explode your results 2x to 10x, without spending any more time or money.

Most business activities inside COST you money instead of making you money. Yet, with a well crafted online marketing funnel, not only can you make more money, you can do it on autopilot.

It's that simple.

Here Are Some Examples From Our Businesses:

  • Conversion Bump: I’ve built a multi-six-figure Agency in just 5 months helping online business maximize conversion rates and lifetime customer value. Over that time, I've supported over 4 million dollars in product launches, and my portfolio of clients manage over 20 million dollars in online sales annually.
  • Wellness Business Academy:Something here.
  • Wellness Business Summit:Something else here.
  • Warrior Media: Something Here
  • Rowley Results Unlimited: Something here as well.
  • More stuff if we have it.

Phase I - Crafting Your Copy

Copy is King, Let it Wear a Crown

Sales copy is used by everyone from Amazon to McDonalds to turn visitors into paying customers. We will show you how to craft yours, and then we'll put some extra spiciness in for you. 

  • "Competitive Intelligence" I'll expose how to "uncover" your competitors' most profitable campaigns and use their data to essentially guarantee cash-in-your-pocket.
  • "White Hot Lead Magnets" Want to convert 4X as many leads? A persuasive lead magnet is the answer. This one change can easily double most businesses overnight.
  • "The Right Tripwire" How to select the right “Tripwire” for your business. (Includes 14 examples you can model after.)
  • "Pre-sale Upsells" Simple check box add-on can pay ALL your overhead every month. This is a simple change to make, no matter how non-technical you are.
  • "1-Click Upsells" Understanding how to put the upsells in place will be critical to your SURVIVAL in the future. Who else is going to show you this?
  • "Physical Copy Upsells" 40% conversions on an upsell? Yes! If you sell digital information you NEED this upsell, but if you overdo it you'll hosed for sure... we'll show you the right way.
  • "The Bundle Offer" If carrots cost $1 wouldn't a basket-full for $2 be a slam-dunk sale? That's the bundle offer, (HINT: It works because people can easily do the math in their heads.)
  • "High-End Upsells" Big ticket upsells and downsells can totally change a slow day into a major gain. (HINT: You can offer $1,000 upsells on $1 trial offers with a typical 4% conversion rate. You can do the math on that.)
  • "Underground CPA Files" CPA offers are a great way to monetize your leads. Whether you've been marketing with CPA for years, or totally confused about how it all works... we'll show you exactly why it's the fastest, easiest & most effective way to convert leads into money. (w/ Video + Mindmap)
  • "Strategic Backend Promotions" Don't have a high-ticket backend product? Promote someone else's and start raking in cash on the back end of your sales. We'll show you where to find the highest converting offers and make the JV deals to assure the highest payout.

Note: Upsells, downsells, cross sells, and 1-click upgrades can make you TEN TIMES as much money as your initial sales do - The Marketers who don't do these are amateurs. I don't want you to be one of them.

Crafting An Offer They Can't Refuse!

"How to turn lookers into starving buyers by creating ridiculous offers that kill your competitors and have JV partners begging to promote your stuff"

  • "Customer Profiling" Use our profiling sheet to hone down to EXACTLY who your customer is, and where you can find them online and offline. [Sheet Included]
  • "Identifying Needs" The psychological model that determines your customer's true Reason Why. It's easy, fast and you'll be shocked with the answer 80% of the time.
  • "Your Hook" Most marketers miss the hook... and they fail. In our opinion, this is the SINGLE BIGGEST FACTOR in an offer's success or failure. We'll show you how we develop ours and even help you to uncover yours.
  • "19-Step Sales Copy Framework" This will teach you the MECHANICS of creating irresistible messages. This framework makes anyone a B+ copywriter in just a day with a few key exercises. HINT: It's modeled after the best copywriters in history. [TEMPLATE INCLUDED] took 6 years to test, iterate and perfect.
  • "Simplifying The Buying Process" 3 Streamlining methods that make spending money with you easier and watch your sales skyrocket. Our examples & frameworks will make this a breeze.
  • "The Reason Why" How to add more “reason why” in your sales process. Most business people do not include this AT ALL in their sales pitches—and it’s one of the hallmarks of a good sales process (HINT: You simply do NOT want to have your prospect “automatically assume” why your product or service is good for them—you have to TELL them!)
  • "Video Includes" Where you place video on the page is different on sales pages and opt in pages and even different still for upsells. We will explain all the rules complete with test data.

The Conversion Sequence

"How to make money from every customer you ever acquire. FACT: Most of the growth in any business comes from the customers they already have. Discover..."

  • "Email Strategy" Email is changing. Deliverability, HTML, VIDEO... here you'll learn what we do and what's working now. Increased open rates, click-throughs and conversions = $$$
  • "Re-targeting Lists & Sequences" The exact "copy and paste" sentence to use in your retargeting campaigns to get your visitors back at every step of your sales process, while building your own retargeting "lists"
  • "Hybrid Affiliate Offers" Pre-affiliate videos, mini-review sites and rolling affiliate launches are just a few of the affiliate promotion tricks up our sleeves.
  • "Customers-To-Members" This simple strategy can take a reasonable number of your email subscribers to paying members, and paying members to VIP level members every month on auto-pilot. Really slick and man does it ever work!
  • "Rolling Launches" This is HUGE! Imagine a product launch in your business going off every single week. This requires software [INCLUDED] and just a little planning (we have a few every week). You're gonna love this...

Back-end Webinar

"Yes, webinars and teleseminars for Traffic & Lead Acquisition, Nurturing & Conversion! This is a very Profitable Source of NEW Leads"

  • "Webinar Strategic Partnerships" Why webinar and teleseminar JV partnerships make more money than any other JV deals, produce way more traffic & leads for you and are the easiest to sell to new partners.
  • "1-2-3-Punch" How to get 3x as many people to register for your webinars and how to make tons of $$$... whether they show up or not.
  • "Free Webinars That Pay Now" How I make IMMEDIATE revenue from webinars days before they ever go live. (Sometimes as much as $10,000 without actually "selling" anything.)
  • "Evergreen Webinar Relaunch" How to get affiliates to promote webinar replays forever and keep sucking leads from their lists...
  • "Perpetual Launches" How to turn a webinar replay and a few emails into a never-ending launch. This one tactic alone can become the core of your marketing machine.
  • "Old-To-New Signups" Use the G2W webinar sign-up template we've tested to generate fresh leads for old webinars.

Leveraged e-Commerce

While the information business is GREAT, it makes up less than 1.12% of online sales; most of the rest is real STUFF! Contrary to what people would love you to believe, it’s not that hard to get into the physical products business and these businesses SELL for big bucks on exit. In this section you’ll get…

  • "Green, Organic & Pet Friendly Niche" Why organic, green and pet friendly products are SUPER hot to sell, have a 500% markup and can be made with $500 in equipment in your garage.
  • "eComm Traffic" How to sell TONS of products and build valuable brands via Amazon,, and, and how to kickstart them with Kindle books and cheap Facebook ads.
  • "Inventory Management" How to import dirt cheap products from Asia, South America and India for as little as $500 in up-front cash, and how you can EASILY get that from a customer in 15 minutes.
  • “Retail Distribution” How to use “Brand Leaping” online to get on the shelves of MAJOR retailers like WalMart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and Home Depot.
  • How to “ecom splintering” like that just sold $500,000,000 in mainly drop shipped merchandise last year.
  • And we are just getting started…

Act II - Getting & Scaling Traffic

Dirt Cheap Traffic

"Getting paid traffic has never been cheaper, all the chumps are out of the market and we have cracked the code for Google Ads for 20-30 cents on the dollar - here's how..."

  • "Display Network Campaigns" The Google Display Network Serves 1 Trillion Impressions Every Month. How to build and scale campaigns in the display network from A to Z (HINT: Google, Yahoo & Bing Included.)
  • “Building an Affiliate Army” The strategy that works in the real-world to recruit, motivate and retain hundreds of affiliates to promote your business for you.
  • "Make Google Your Affiliate" [SUPER NEW!] Using one "little known program" Google will manage EVERYTHING for you for a piece of the action. Just pay them a commission and they are yours.
  • "Hyper-Targeting Visitors" How to ethically spy on your visitors and magically display super targeted offers focused on what they're interested in RIGHT NOW!
  • "Psychographic Scheduling" How to determine when to run ads for the highest ROI ad where. (HINT: One of our best-kept secrets is Germany...)

Facebook Exchange

"How to laser-target Facebook's 1.2 billion active users and turn them into the most rabid buyers on your list"

  • "FB Magic" Why some of our ads make us the most money when NOBODY clicks on them. [The BEST AD TEMPLATES INCLUDED]
  • "Facebook Data Mining"Finding your share of the 1,200,000,000+ Facebook Users That Are Proven Buyers. [CHECKLIST INCLUDED]
  • "Custom & Look-a-like Audiences" How to advertise to ONLY the most targeted leads that you already know meet your customer criteria and have the ability and desire to buy.
  • "Using Facebook Fan Pages" How to use Facebook ads to fatten your Facebook fan list (HINT: These leads can be worth up to $4 per month EACH in select markets!)

More Advanced Traffic & Conversion

How and why CPM Email Drops are still the best way to build your list and why affiliate traffic sucks in comparison.

  • “Trading Quarters for Dollars” How to convert formerly stinky “co-reg” leads that cost as little as .25 each, into $.50 - $2 a month or more in profits each.
  • "Back To The Future PPC" Google, Facebook & MSN are humbler these days – see how you can use this to your advantage and even beat them at their own game.
  • Remnant Banner Traffic Networks are the newest form of DIRT cheap traffic on the planet, selling banner ad placement above the fold for as little as .09 per 1000 impressions. Sites like Drudge Report, Facebook,, MSN, AOL and 250,000 others participate in these remnant platforms.
  • "Twitter Ad Secrets" Yes... Twitter ads work! If you aren’t testing this incredible new medium, you’re leaving A LOT of traffic on the table. Find out how you can leverage this new traffic channel (Templates included!)
  • "Conversion Optimization" What to do when your campaign just ISN’T converting (this happens a lot), follow the flow chart for your “diagnosis”…
  • "Persuasive Storylines" 3 stories you can tell in your pitch to immediately make your pitch more exciting. People LOVE stories… and a good story your prospects can relate to will REALLY “cut through the junk” that your prospect is going through right now.
  • "Customer Reality" An expose’ of what people are REALLY going through in their lives… and why hardly anyone is as ambitious as you think (This is something I have to correct in my private clients’ heads when I start working with them.)

Ramping Up Paid Traffic

How to make 100X more money on the "Big Boy" networks than on Pay Per Click alone. WARNING: Don't play here without an insider's help!

True, this is where the $10 MM and up per year guys all rock-it, but it's shark infested waters. Learn it and you're rich... mess it up and you're done. (P.S. Almost NOBODY teaches how to do this.)

  • "Metrics, Data & KPIs" How to analyze the metrics that actually MATTER so that you can “skim the fat” from your campaigns and SCALE…
  • "CPV Domination" How to swipe customers from your competitors. You can legally, ethically, quickly, and easily put your site in front of people who have already proven themselves to be BUYERS of products just like yours.
  • "CPA & Affiliate Networks" 18,000 sales a month! Imagine. That's what happens when you hit a winner in the CPA networks. It's kind of like an Internet marketer winning "American Idol" only it ain't that hard. This is where the whales swim.
  • "SEO & Content Marketing" Most people glaze over content marketing because they don't understand it or have screwed it up in the past. Here is a FACT: Content accounts for a full 2/3 of our traffic on Google and Yahoo. Best of all, it's wicked-cheap and it converts better than search.
  • "Large Scale Media Buys" Got a winning offer? Don't even screw with PPC. There is 20X - 50X more "Placement" traffic available online than PPC. Here's how you can CRUSH IT even in hyper-competitive niches like FOREX (not for the faint of heart).
  • "Hypnotic Sales Patterns" For the first time ever, I'm going to pull back the curtain on the NLP language patterns and hypnotic phrases that will amplify your conversion rates manifolds.

I insist you promise to use this with kindness and use it responsibly. It is very, very powerful... and very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Offline + Online Marketing

"Offline Media to Online Advertising is Quietly Making Many Players Millionaires Without Spending a DIME Online - Here's how they do it..."

  • "Classified Ad Traffic" Turn dirt-cheap national classified ads that run for pennies a paper per week into "solid gold" green buyer leads for almost any niche.
  • "Multiple Modalities" Our Process combines Email, Direct Mail, FAX, Text Messaging and Voice Blasts to increase traffic 10X to almost any promotion - kills for high-dollar offers
  • "Direct Mail for JV Deals" Wanna get on a big fish's radar? We'll share the best working "Direct" tricks of all time that simply won't allow a potential partner to ignore you.
  • "Psychic Postcards" that register qualified buyers to webinars and teleseminars automatically using the strongest psychological trigger ever... curiosity.
  • "Bounce Back Offers" How to trade for free traffic from other people's products and promotions. Most people (even your competitors) will mail your promotion to their best customers for you... if you know how to ask.

Scaling Your Business

Most businesses feel stuck and for good reason. The truth is what got you where you are now will not get you to where you want to be. In this session you’ll discover some thought shifting ideas and strategies like...

  • "Automating + Scaling Your Business" Once you find what works, you should iterate, automate and scale it. This simple strategy is responsible for more entrepreneur millionaires than any one thing I know.
  • "Focus & Mindsets" Ever wonder why Bill Gates goes to work in the morning? Discover the real mental work-outs used by millionaires and billionaires every day to keep them reaching for more and why they are NEVER limited by imagination.
  • "Strategic Partners & JVs" Partners bring SCALE, they don't start from scratch... Fortune 500 companies (who usually have unlimited resources at their disposal) partner with proven winners rather than start from scratch because it’s hands-free and fast. Every million dollar campaign worked on in the past has partner backing it up.
  • "Precise Time Scheduling" How do we identify those activities in your business that will give you the highest possible return, and make you the most possible profit and income — and then design your life, so you make sure to do THOSE High-Value activities consistently.
  • "Building to SELL" - You’ll never make as much money as the day you sell your business and we want to help you achieve that dream by getting you on the right track now. Who knows, maybe you’ll even take your company public some day.

And the kicker is everything I just mentioned is just 25% of what you’ll learn over the course of the next 12 months, if you choose to enroll in the Advanced Consulting

As you know, I have a stellar reputation in the industry and for any reason or no reason, if we don’t deliver on everything we say we will. I’ll give you 100% of your money back.

   1) We’ve broken down all the content above in 3 distinct ways, so you know exactly what to do AND how to do it:

A.) High-Level Concepts - First, we will tell you why "what we are covering in the section" is important and why it's relevant in today's market environment.

B.) Frameworks, Examples & Templates – Secondly, we will give you all the frameworks to simplify the implementation, give you the examples that have worked well in the past, so you can model them and then, we will also give you fill-in-the-blank templates you use to implement at everything we discuss at light speed.

C.) Nuts-&-Bolts - Lastly, we’ll walk you through how-to do every section step-by-step, so you can see firsthand how to implement everything right the first time. This section also covers the Tech set-up and implementation as well.

You have free reign to swipe and deploy everything in your business as you see fit.

   2) 24 hour “Burning question” support 

We will be with you everyday on Basecamp to help you implement everything you learn.

We will help you with every obstacle and problem you will face in the next 12 months.

You'll be never alone again building your business!

   3) Two (2x) 30 Minute Emergency Personal Phone Calls

Do you have an emergency? We will let you talk to us 1-on-1 to help you fix it immediately.

We are here to help you, all you have to do is let us know what you need.

You might be wondering, Is this right for ME?

If Your Business Involves Trading A Product/Service For Money, Then Advanced Consulting Is Perfect For You!

If you want to build a systemized sales process that automates customer acquisition. Then, this is right for you.

Imagine that. Waking up in the morning excited… knowing you’re on the right path in your business—and not just “guessing”.

Creating systems that predictably pull customers towards you while sincerely helping them and adding value to your entire market.

And knowing where your business is going to be 6-12 months from now. There is no better feeling in life—instead of fretting whether or not you’ll be able to meet payroll or pay the bills next month.

As long as you're committed and TAKE ACTION, I believe you simply CANNOT lose.

I offer nothing but proven, time-tested techniques that have been field tested and fine-tuned with millions of dollars in marketing tests. The strategies in the framework that could very well change your life for the better. You must see for yourself what you've been missing.

This is a MUST have offer and we always overdeliver on our promises,

If you're interested, click on the registration button below and reserve one of the spots before it's too late...

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