Announcing Epic Fat loss Holiday Coaching and a special unannounced surprise bonus…

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Congratulations! You did it! YOU DID what very few people will ever do…

You took action. You bet on yourself. You saw an (obvious) opportunity and you seized it with both hands. I’m kind of impressed…

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In other words, like certain people I know, right now…


No here’s the first thing you should know.

If you truly want to get to the next level, nothing is more valuable than a thoroughly individualized approach.

This is why all of the most incredible transformations aren’t just from using great programs…

they come from people using great programs at the direction of awesome coaches.

Because really, individualized COACHING is the key difference that will allow you to go from getting impressive results to getting MINDBLOWING results in less time than you ever thought possible.

This is exactly why my amazing clients hire met to help them get ready for weddings, upcoming holiday getaways and just looking good naked year round. It’s why every single pro athlete has a team of coaches helping them out, and why even the best coaches in the world (like moi) hire other people to design diets and programs for them. Yes I have a coach and he is a badass…

In short, NOTHING is going to help you get better results than some hands on help. And that’s what I want to offer you today.

The truth is no matter how great a program is by itself, by necessity it has to be designed for the masses. While Feast your way fit is going to help everyone who uses it, it’s going to be inherently more effective for some people. Hate it or love it, that’s just the nature of the beast.

Fact is, the only way to make sure a program is as effective for YOU as possible is to make sure it’s customized to you to the greatest degree possible. And that is where Holiday Coaching comes in.

When you sign up to be part of the Epic Holiday Coaching group, you’re getting full access to me, my 1000’s of hours and years of experience, and all of the knowledge gleaned from training every single type of client.

I’m going to hold your hand every step of the way. You’re still going to be doing the Feast your way fit program as written, but I’ll be there to help you customize the experience to YOU. All you need to do after is…

Watch the magic happen!

Certain exercises aren’t right for you? I’ll help you pick out replacements.

Need to adjust your macros? Easy to fix, I’ll do it for you.

Have to change workouts around? No problem, I’ll be there to advise.

Question about the set up of the program? I got you covered.

Feeling ambitious and want to kick things up a notch? I’ll show you how.

In short, I’ll be there every day of every week of the entire program, helping you make adjustments, improvements, and generally guaranteeing that you get the absolute BEST results humanly possible.

Until the ball drops at madison square and new year rolls around — I will your coach, your mentor per say and you will be my menteee and maybe protege who knows…

I will be there to provide the knowledge, the motivation, and the accountability you need to Feast your Way Fit in record time.

Do you know what lights your fat loss on fire more than anything else on the planet?

Answer? And early win. Throwing up smaller numbers on the scale and tape measurer almost immediately.

Now the Feast Your way fit system is going to get you to where you want to go. No doubt about it. Give it 6 weeks and you will be a new person by the new year. Give it 12 and no one will recognize you - GUARANTEED.

However (and it’s a big however)...

There are some people who just can’t wait. They’re impatient.

I like people like that. They’re like me.

For people like these, maybe you, I have just the thing. Your gonna love it because patience is no longer required.

I call it…

FAT LOSS FAST PASS ($497 Monthly Value)

The FAT LOSS FAST PASS accelerates the time between when you start and when fat is melting off your belly…

I specifically created it for guys and girls who are impatient and want RESULTS FAST.

Normally, I charge $497 per MONTH to work with my online coaching clients one-on-one. And that is a GREAT value.

But for the FAT LOSS FAST PASS Coaching group, I’m doing something insane. Something unheard of. Something next level.

I’m going to work with you for less than 10% of that.

You’re going to be part of this amazing group for just $77…for 8 weeks. That’s TWO MONTHS of coaching—a real value of $1,041—for just 77 bucks. Seriously.

That’s not 77 per month…it’s 77 FLAT for the entire program.

I have never, EVER offered anything this deeply discounted, and never will again. Unless pokemon comes to life…

This is just to celebrate the launch and is for elite action takers, who are really serious about getting the best results possible - in the shortest F’ing Time!

Your Fat Loss Fast Pass will arrive instantly with your Feast your way fit order and consists of a PDF file that you can open on any modern computer, tablet, or phone with instructions on how to join the coaching program to get started

Plus you will be automatically entered into the private feast your way fit holiday fat loss transformation challenge with a grand prize of $1000

YES $1000!

Delivered to you by me for having the best transformation over the holidays.

Yeah, I know it’s crazy silly low. That’s the point. I’m committed to seeing you succeed. I really am.

I hope that’s sinking in by now.

So go ahead and click the buy button below and you can thank me later.

Regular Price: $1,041
Today only: $77

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