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  • If you have a special event coming up soon; whether it be a wedding, a beach vacation or the dreaded high school reunion and you don’t look your absolute best yet…
  • Are sick of endless dieting to see the scale barely move week after week with minimal changes looking back at you in the mirror…
  • If you don’t have much time to go to the gym, because your living the busy 21st Century lifestyle…
  • If you want to jumpstart a diet and get some quick changes in the mirror that will blow your friends and family away…
  • If you are interested in getting rid of those last 5-10 pounds of ugly body fat as quickly as possible, without hours of cardio, fancy exercise equipment or expensive supplements…
  • Are you afraid of taking off your shirt because you still carry those stubborn ugly last few pounds
  • Do you dream of making your old friends, colleagues and family members jealous of your body or want to your partner to look at you “that way”

…then you need to discover the secrets of most effective ab revealing, fat belly plan that will melt fat like butter in a microwave and will have you looking your Absolute best in just 14 days from now

New "Aggressive" Fat Loss Strategy Reveals How To carve your body and Drop 10 Lbs in only 2 weeks

Everyone, at some point in their lives, wants to lose fat fast.  Whether its for a beach party, a wedding, a high school reunion or to jump start a diet eventually we all succumb to partaking in some sort of “crash diet”.

That’s just life.

Done improperly, (like 99.9% of crash diets on the market), you end up with a good amount of weight loss, coupled with a turtle-like metabolism, out of sync hormones and the perfect storm to regain all the weight you worked so hard to lose.

So if you want

  • To regain all your weight mere weeks after you stopped dieting
  • To lose precious, fat burning, muscle
  • To have a flat, unattractive look to your muscles for your big event

Then continue to use traditional crash diet methods

However if you just introduce a little synergy  you can avoid all those negative consequences and instead you end up with a strategic crash diet.

Strategic crash diets are extreme diets, meant to get extreme results WITHOUT,  now this is this important part, destroying your metabolism.

They make you look hot,


for that special event.

Daniel one of my private clients recently had knee surgery and couldn't even do the workouts detailed in the program.

So he actually lost 13 pounds, the morning of, but after indulging in some of his favourite beverages and foods, he put back some of the water weight missing.

So this is what you’ll get when you invest now so you can look your best 14 days from now

  • Discover the 3 rapid fat loss prerequisites that you need to have or else you make rapid fat loss nearly impossible.
  • How to develop a mindset of steel to push through the times you want to give up. Trust me their will be a few of them.
  • The one simple secret, a plastic surgeon turned crazy psychologist, taught me that allowed me to accomplish all my goals and make rapid fat loss a walk in the park
  • The one secret Harvard graduates are not taught, that separate the good from the ELITE. Plus how you can use this secret immediately to start seeing results in every area of your life.
  • Learn to Master the builder hormone in your body so that you melt body fat off your body like butter in a microwave
  • The crazy diet designed in the 70’s to save the lives of the morbidly obese and how you can use it to FINALLY strip those last stubborn pounds
  • The best cooking techniques to use on this plan to make these 10 days easy as pie
  • Discover the secret to preserving muscle mass on this extreme plan
  • The exact weight workouts to make your muscles pop, the day of your event
  • The optional Cardio plan to double your results. (You will be turning heads like crazy should you indulge in this fat loss cardio formula. )
  • The best supplements for maximum results on this plan
  • How to hack your fat loss using the long lost secret of the mediterranean diet
  • Get glowing skin, cleanse your system and restore long lost vitality using this simple, but forgotten principle of nutrition
  • The Action plan for maximum results
  • What to do after you are done your 14 days given your unique situation whether your a bride to be or a getting ready to unwind with the boys
  • The ideal program to transition to following Special Event Dieting for consistent week to week FAT LOSS while eating your favourite foods


Regular Price: $127
ONE TIME VIP Upgrade only: $27

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But what if the program doesn't work for me?

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Regular Price: $127
ONE TIME VIP Upgrade only: $27

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Regular Price: $127
ONE TIME VIP Upgrade only: $27

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