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Marketing Funnel Creation and Optimization
Done For You

Stop Working on Your Marketing Funnel... Instead, Let Your Marketing Funnel Work for You.

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What Can DFY Do For You?

You provide the content... We'll provide the technical know how to make it shine.

That's right, now you can have your entire
online marketing technology platform built from the ground up...

  • Landing Pages

    Attractive, high converting landing pages integrated with your autoresponder service of choice.

  • Sales Pages

    Full scale sales pages built with your content and graphics.

  • Product Launch Funnels

    Get professional product launch funnels created for you.

  • Upsell Pages

    Upsell pages to help you capture more wallet share when buyers are the most receptive to your offers.

  • Beautiful and Secure Membership Portals

    Protect your content in secure membership portals

  • A/B Split Testing
    Set-Up & Reporting

    No more confusion. Optimization testing done for you.

  • Mobile Ready Versions of All Pages

    All your pages will be mobile responsive.

Why We Exist

With your online business, your website is not only the face of your company, it's your salesforce and your fulfillment operation.

You want it to look and feel professional while operating smoothly from the time your target audience arrives, all the way to the time they receive your product.

Many people try to do it themselves. But they spend hour after frustrating hour trying to get it to look and work just right. All the while, they're not able to spend time writing content, developing deep relationships, and creating killer products that are necessary to really scale their businesses.

Then come the updates. Yes, you have to update your software frequently to ensure that your website continues to function and remains secure.

And what about analytics, site optimization and split testing? You want your site to perform its best, but how do you get started and what do you test?

We don't believe that you should have to worry about technical aspects of your marketing funnels and that your time is better spent growing your business.

Because with a Done-For-You site, you will save time. And you'll have the confidence to know that your site will be easy to use. We work quickly to create clean, user-friendly sales funnels for you that quickly and easily move your visitors through the sales process.

And don't worry about keeping the site software up-to-date... that's all done for you!

We not only use your content to build your site, but we hook up analytics and provide split-testing services to constantly improve its sales performance over time.

Instead of working on your marketing funnel, your marketing funnel will work for you!

How Does the Process Work?

You provide the content... We'll provide the technical know how to make it shine.

  • Step 1

    Choose any of the packages on the “Get Started” page.

  • Step 2

    You provide us with your site’s content (sales copy, logos, graphics, headshots, etc.) as well as answer a short questionnaire about your likes and dislikes to help us get started.

  • Step 3

    We take all of that information and work our magic to create attractive funnels for your business. The processes for a complete funnel system, from landing page through download pages, takes 10 days.

  • Step 4

    Next, you provide us with your revisions (up to 2 rounds). We’ll make the changes and send them back to you for approval. After the second round of revisions, your funnel will be ready to go live.

  • Step 5

    Your site is ready for prime time. If your package includes split-testing and optimization services, we start that process here to makes sure your funnel is converting at its best.

About Us (And How We Can Help YOU!)

Our Services

We offer a white glove approach to web development. Here are just a few of the services that we provide:

  • Build your sales pages and funnels using your copy with a nice, clean, user friendly design to guide your prospects to the buy button.
  • Ensure your sites meet Clickbank guidelines and guide you through the Clickbank approval process for both products and upsell flows so that you're ready to sell faster (and with less hassle).
  • Hook your pages up to Clickbank so you're ready to take orders (and make money!).
  • Install Google Analytics for you and provide insight on the right metrics to watch (and even build custom reports for you combining data from both Google and Clickbank to give you a more complete view of your business).
  • Recommend and set up A/B split testing to push your site toward continuous improvement (and more money!)
  • Site monitoring to make sure all software, plugins and themes are up-to-date.
  • Integrate your autoresponders into both your landing pages and sales funnels so that you you never miss a lead or a customer.
  • Much, much more!

All of our sites are built using the content you provide on the WordPress platform and are custom implementations of Optimize Press. This gives us the ability to maintain a stable environment for your site while ensuring that they work seamlessly and the ability to update your sites, split tests and sales funnels quickly.

Who Am I?

I'm an entrepreneur, a Parrothead, a Tough Mudder, a Spartan, a father, and a husband. I am a website developer, and online marketer. I am a statistician. And I am a Yale University educated economist. And I hold 3 US patents on innovative algorithms I've developed to solve complex problems.

Not only do I run my own websites, I've been behind the scenes of some of the largest internet launches over the last 2 years.

And all of this adds up for you.

Most web developers focus only on attractive websites. But they don't understand online marketing or how to design and set up split testing and analytics to drive results.

They don't know how to hook up your autoresponder services (or even what an autoresponder is).

They can't hook up your shopping cart or make sure that your downloads are safe and secure.

You need someone that understands not only your vision for your website, but also your vision for your company.

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What People Say About Us…

Last year I had my 2 biggest launches in the history of my business. And...

Ben Teal was my secret weapon that allowed me to sell over $700,000 of products!!!

His attention to detail is amazing and he was right there beside me along the way, even when I was pulling my hair out 12 hours before launch day because of some tech glitches that I may have inflicted on my site :)

Also, his split testing skills are top notch. Heck... In my last launch where we did $300,000 in just 5 days he helped me to run 13 different split tests on everything from price, to button colors, to copy, to testimonials, to order form layout, to even the half a dozen different upsell flow combinations!

By the end of the launch, the average cart value went from around $26 to $34. Which means, every sale I made put an extra $8 in my pocket! And... when you do 4,000 sales on the last day, that means Ben's spit testing skills added $32,000 to my revenue and made my affiliates extremely happy!

So... if you're sick of trying to constantly figure out the tech side of things and you want someone who knows marketing, knows how to get your page converting better and knows how to actually make you more $ then this is a no brainer!

Tyler Bramlett
President Warrior Media, Inc.

I was frustrated trying to figure out my sales page layout, running the necessary split tests, and all the other headaches that come from putting together a new offer. It was robbing me of my creative time.

Fortunately, I connected with Ben and he over-delivered. He helped me with not only multiple split tests but gave me amazing advice on future testing that has made me more money.

He is the ultimate one-stop resource that knows the entire process so you're not having to use multiple people. This has saved me immense time and energy.

Ben is a rare hybrid of internet marketer and a technical genius. It's like having a consultant, website design guru and payment processing rep in one place.

Mike Whitfield
Owner, Rise and Hustle Publishing

I've known Ben for several years and he's always willing to drop everything to help me solve a problem. He's as honest as the day is long and really knows his stuff.

He's my 'go to' techie guru that I'm happy to trust with my business.

Thanks for all your help Ben, I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Shawna Kaminski
Owner, Fit Body Boot Camp and

I’ve worked with many web developers in the past and Ben is by far the best I’ve ever worked with.

His response time is quick and his turnaround time is even faster.

Ben provides great attention to detail, assures everything is up to standard and always exceeds my expectation.

I highly recommend Ben to anyone who wants to make money online and needs someone to take care of their web pages and/or sales funnels.

Andrew Raposo


Hey Ben,

Just wanted to thank you for setting up my funnels for me. It is something that I don't completely understand and I was wasting so much of my time trying to figure it out.

While you were setting up my funnels and the tracking codes, I was able to focus on creating content and getting three more members into my top level coaching program, which is a much better use of my time than getting frustrated with analytics, aweber and Clickbank integrations.

Now I just click and see how my offers are converting - it is like magic!

Thanks again Ben - you are the best!

Maria Mountain, MSc

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Frequently Asked Questions...

To begin creating our new website, what do you need?

To begin working on your project, there are a few minimum requirements.

  • What you'd like your site to look like. Usually, I ask for a couple of sites that you like and that perform well in your market.
  • Your sales copy, page text and/or any graphics you want to use.
  • Access to any web-services that are necessary to get your site up and running (FTP, cPanel, etc.). Don't worry if you don't know what I'm talking about, that's what you're paying me for.


How will we communicate?

We will communicate primarily via email. This is for a few reasons. First, it provides a written record of changes requests and requirements for your site. It also reduces that potential for misunderstandings since everything is spelled out - literally.

Additionally, all of my productive time is spent in front of my computer - and away from my phone. Therefore, my response time to email is much quicker than other communication methods.

Finally, anything we discuss on the phone I'll eventually ask you to write down, so it's just easier to skip the middle step.

What sets you apart from most Web developers?

First, I am an internet entrepreneur myself. So I understand the unique needs of other online marketers including not only what squeeze pages, sales pages, and funnels are, but how and why they work.

Secondly, I don't stop at the design. I continue to make suggestions on ways to potentially improve your funnels so that you improve conversions and I set up the experiments to test these suggestions.

Can you create a mockup before we have you build a website?

Unfortunately, no. It takes time to do speculative work, and that's time I have to take away from my paying clients. Additionally, this type of work is usually done to impress the potential client rather than focusing on impressing who matters most - YOUR customers.

What platforms do you use to create sites?

Sites I build are built on WordPress and use custom implementations of Optimize Press 2. For membership sites, I build them using Wishlist Member.

If you are using one of the Professional Packages, you will not need to acquire licenses for these products - they are included with the maintenance plans. However, if you discontinue the maintenance plans, then you will need to purchase and authenticate your own license keys.

If you'd like to use another platform, or have custom coding requests, please contact me before purchasing a package.

Do you provide web hosting?

I will be more than happy to set you up with web hosting if you need it.

I recommend (and use) Server Genie.

If you select one of the Professional Packages and need hosting, I will set up your hosting account for you through Server Genie at no additional cost to you as long as you continue with the maintenance agreement.

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